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50 Shades of White

22nd January, 2013

You walk into a bathroom showroom in any part of the UK and you can take your pick from a cornucopia of white sanitaryware. The UK bath and sanitaryware market is estimated to be worth around £280 million at msp and it must appear to the consumer that you can have white, white or white. This does not mean a return to avocado, honeysuckle or even misty peach is imminent as generally the consumer wants white sanitaryware; however there are still lots of ways to get colour (and differentiation) into a bathroom furniture design.

Clever use of bathroom furniture adds not only a splash of colour into any bathroom; it adds the practical advantage of storage and something as simple as a vanity unit with a matching bath panel, changes the average bathroom into a room to be proud of. Matching the right sanitaryware with the right furniture is paramount to both achieving the right look as well as being easy to install. Sales of products such as in line basins, which require no cut-outs in the countertop, thus saving time and money on the installation of the product, are growing dramatically.

The reality is that sanitaryware is always going to be predominantly white, but as a manufacturer, we will continue to do our best to offer the retailer and the consumer, as many options as possible to add a little colour into their bathroom designs.

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