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Everything has its place…

There is no such thing as too much bathroom storage.

Whether you need somewhere to store your cleaning products or keep your toiletries handy, we have a perfect solution for everything you need.

We all want storage space which is easily accessed, while designing your dream Atlanta Bathroom you can be confident that any storage issues will be a thing of the past. No more searching for where you put your toiletries, we have the perfect bathroom furniture to help get your bathroom organised. We offer modern solutions and help you create a sleek contemporary bathroom.

Basin Unit Storage

Under Basin storage is perfect for keeping all your toiletries near to hand, we have a beautiful range of both draw or door units allowing you pick what is going to be the most advantageous to you.

Our Edge unit shown here (above) comes with three subtle draws which open from the side creating a sleek modern look while providing storage and using all available space to its advantage.

Do you have space restrictions? Our slimline Scale basin unit (shown above) will be sure to fit and look stylish in any space, it uses all available space and even gives you added storage space in your cloakroom.

Toilet Roll Unit & Linen Unit

Dedicated storage for toilet rolls, this unit is ideal for storing spare toilet rolls and the shelf at the top is perfect for an easy to reach toilet roll. This is a perfect accompanying unit to go alongside any WC Unit.

Wall Units & Tall Units

Wall units are perfect for creating extra storage space; ideal for those toiletries you want quick and easy access. Our beautiful wall units will match your base units creating a seamless finish, shown here in cool grey it can give a timeless appearance to any bathroom. For even more storage why not replace the mirror with mirrored units.

Tall units can help complete a run of fitted furniture, these units come supplied with shelves or a drawerline unit is also available (shown here).

Open Units

For an on-trend storage solution why not add an open shelf unit. Allowing you to create a feature space, try rolling some grey towels for a subtle and stylish monochrome look to your bathroom furniture.

Keeping your bathroom clear of clutter helps create a tranquil bathroom which will feel calmer and a space you will love to spend time in. See our brochure here for all our stunning bathroom furniture.

Give The Feeling of More Space With Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture

Scale Modular Bathroom FurnitureIn a small bathroom, a great tip for making the room look bigger is using units that are attached to the wall, and down reach full length down to the floor. Wall hung bathroom furniture is a perfect solution to a room that looks small and poky. We have several options for wall hung bathroom furniture in our brochure, in different styles to suit all tastes and needs.

Both our Fitted and Modular ranges have options for wall hung bathroom furniture. The wall units can come mirrored or plain in your chosen finish. These wall units are great for having above a basin or toilet unit. It’s always useful to have storage off the floor, as it keeps things looking tidy and doesn’t take up any more floor space. Wall hung bathroom furniture is especially good for family bathrooms, as it keeps medicines and cleaning products out of reach for little ones. These wall units come in a range of sizes and widths from 175mm to 700mm, to suit all your storage needs!

Our Modular furniture has a few more options for wall hung bathroom furniture, including wall hung basin units. Our contemporary Flux range has a wall hung option of its stylish geometric basin unit, so you can have the glamour of the modern design with a bit more room to spare. Also our Scale range has a suspended basin unit option, and is a slimline unit anyway, so even more space can be conserved. Scale also has a 400mm width square wall unit. These handy little cupboards would look great in a geometric arrangement of three or four on the wall, and free up space on the floor.

The Pure range has four different choices of wall hung basin unit. Choose from doors or drawers for storage that best suits your needs. Each of these units has a depth of 450mm, so even though the storage doesn’t go all the way down to the floor, there’s still plenty of room inside for your things.

Choose Slab Or Shaker With Amazing Odessa Oak Bathroom Cabinets

Odessa Fitted Bathroom FurnitureIf you’re after a warm woodgrain finish for your bathroom cabinets, Odessa has a stunning mid oak hue. This finish is a perfect choice for a relaxing and tranquil bathroom space. Odessa can be styled in a number of ways, particularly as it’s available in a slab door, or the shaker style Sofia door. Whichever style you choose, Odessa bathroom cabinets are sure to make a cosy and comfortable bathroom.

Slab bathroom cabinets are often used to create a contemporary look in a room. Slab has been a very on trend style for a while, and the minimalist plain design tends to create a more modern look. Odessa slab doors are no exception to this, and they make a truly stylish bathroom. Give yourself plenty of storage with an attractive run of Odessa slab bathroom cabinets. The traditional style of the woodgrain finish combines with the contemporary slab door to create a unique look.

To go with this contemporary style, try neutral wall colours and a minimalist room styling. In our brochure, we’ve paired Odessa furniture with mauve walls and stylish, quirky lamp shades. Follow this idea by choosing a plain wall colour but adding your own design quirks throughout the room. Finish the whole look off with our routered chrome handles, which have an extremely modern style.

Your other option for Odessa bathroom cabinets is our Sofia shaker style doors. If you’re looking to achieve a more traditional look in your bathroom, this could be the choice for you! Shaker doors can add a new dimension to a bathroom, as it gives the room a bit more depth. The shaker style is reminiscent of more traditional or vintage style bathrooms, which can create a really cosy atmosphere when complemented with the right interior décor.

If you want to stick to the vintage style, try using pastel colours in the room and giving it a really soft style. But shaker doors can also be used to create a modern style bathroom as well. As you can see in our brochure, we’ve paired our Sofia bathroom cabinets with some contemporary gold styling to add some real flair to the room!

Give Yourself Plenty Of Bathroom Storage With Pure Units

Pure Modular Bathroom FurnitureIf you’ve plenty of clutter that needs tidying away, our Pure modular units are great for providing a large amount of bathroom storage. The range of unit types is perfect for tidying things away and keeping the room looking as tidy as possible. This means the bathroom stays a clean and relaxing place to be – as it should be!

The Pure units have a classic style and a simple design. Despite this minimalism, they still create a striking effect in the room. This simple design allows for more complex decoration in the rest of the room – have a look at our brochure for some inspiration! You could try a bold wall colour, or some statement patterned wallpaper, like we’ve done.

Personalise your bathroom storage with Pure’s range of basin units. There are six to choose from in different styles and widths to cater to bathrooms of all sizes. Choose the one which suits you and your bathroom best. If your bathroom is large enough, we recommend a basin unit with a 750mm width. This will provide the optimum amount of bathroom storage, keeping the room looking uncluttered with just one simple and stylish unit. Pure also has wall storage options available, in both a tall and small size, which are both great for family bathrooms. Create your own arrangement to suit your bathroom storage needs.

Pure units are available in seven different finishes! There are four woodgrain finishes, ranging from Light Oak to Mali Oak. Take your pick and design the room décor around your new, warm bathroom storage units. There are also three gloss finishes; White, Graphite Lucido and Cool Grey. Pick one of these monochrome finishes then add splashes of colour to the room in other places.

Finally, pick some accessories that will complement your new Pure bathroom storage units. Try a matching bath panel and a framed mirror to tie the room together. You could even opt for a mirrored wall unit for even more bathroom storage!

Try A Bench Basin For A Modern Look

Linear Detail 1When designing a bathroom with a contemporary style, the finishing touches are important. Everything must co-ordinate to create a smooth, modern look. The basin can make a big difference in a new bathroom, especially if you’re going for a specific theme. A bench basin is a good option for a bathroom revamp, as it provides a clean, neat look. If you select our Linear modular furniture for your new bathroom, we offer eight stunning bench basins to go with it. Here are a few of our favourites!

Eclipse – The Eclipse basin has a wide shape, which is reminiscent of a beautiful large sea shell. This wide basin will provide a luxurious area for washing. Eclipse is perfect for the Linear 800mm wide basin units, to achieve a totally indulgent style! This bench basin fits in well with a spa-like bathroom style that will have an utterly relaxing atmosphere.

Rhomba – The Rhomba bench basin is a deeper and hence more lavish washing station! The Rhomba looks great when duplicated, if you’ve got the space for twin Linear basin units, just like we’ve done in our brochure, to create an ultra-luxurious bathroom. The rounded rectangular shape of this bench basin makes it a good fit for futuristic, geometrically styled bathrooms.

Lyra – Our Lyra bench basin has a rectangular shape and is a good spacious size. Bench basins are often dismissed as not functional enough because they’re too small, but they can often provide more space than some of the semi-recessed basins. This bench basin is perfect for an industrial chic style bathroom. The basic shape will fit in with the simplicity of that style.

Roma – For a totally different style, try the Roma bench basin which is a smaller, round basin. The Roma is great for cloakrooms or en-suites where space is a bit more limited, and the basin unit is the focus of the room. This basin looks good in a chic, soft-looking interior design style. The round bench basin is very on trend at moment, so it’s ideal for a bathroom makeover!

Create A Contemporary Bathroom With Flux Units

Flux Modular BathroomsWhen updating a bathroom, it’s nice to create a brand new, clean look. You’ll want your new bathroom to look totally on trend and of the moment. To create a contemporary bathroom, we can’t think of a better choice of unit than our Flux modular furniture. Flux’s modern design is perfect for refreshing a bathroom and breathing new life into the space.

Flux has a geometric design, with straight lines meeting and overlapping to create triangular shapes and patterns. This theme is perfect for a contemporary bathroom, so why not carry it on? Try geometric tiling on the floor, or an interesting arrangement of shelves on the walls. The sloping, triangular basin of Flux has a stylish minimalist design perfect for this theme. Choose a corresponding tap that will be the best match. We recommend our Quad or Fall taps, which will carry on the straight line motif.

The stunning crisp White Gloss finish on Flux’s doors, plus their push to open design combine to make Flux perfect for a contemporary bathroom. Match this with Truffle, Dune or Mali Oak for the luxurious interior. Take your pick to match the colour scheme of your new contemporary bathroom. Flux looks great in a minimalist style room, as the units themselves make quite a statement, so little further accessorising is needed. We think white is the best room colour to match it with, but inject some colour into the room with a tiled section on one wall.

One of the best things about our Flux units is their affordability. You can create the bathroom of your dreams on a budget. Prices start as low as £258 for the WC unit, and only £325 for a wall hung basin unit. This leaves more money in your budget for elsewhere, or for extra accessories and decoration in the bathroom.

The floor standing or wall hung option of Flux means it is ideal for bathrooms of all sizes. If you’re blessed with a big bathroom, you’ll be able to spare the floor space for a full length unit. If it’s just an en-suite or smaller bathroom you’re redoing, the wall hung basin unit is ideal!

How To Create An Industrial Style Bathroom

Edge Modular Bathroom FurnitureThe trend for an industrial style bathroom in the home has been present for a few years now and is still going strong. Perhaps because the bathroom is already a place of plumbing and mechanisms, people are choosing to embrace this and exhibit it instead of hiding it. There are many ways to achieve an industrial style bathroom and a few different styles of the industrial theme.

Let’s start with your walls. The most sought after industrial look is the exposed brick wall. This gives the room a stylishly exposed look, but the balmy, terracotta colour of the bricks can bring a lot of warmth to the room. For a crisp minimalist look try painting your brick wall white. This look is incredibly on trend and goes great with black accessories.

One of the main materials used in an industrial style bathroom is copper. Exposed copper piping just gives that edgy finishing touch. Try and find a towel radiator where you can see the copper piping, like we’ve used in our brochure with our stunning Edge modular furniture.

When it comes to choosing sanitaryware, the simpler the better. Try our Faro WC and basin, which have an understated curved design. Alternatively, one of our bench basins on a deep countertop would fit in perfectly with the industrial style. We recommend the Lyra basin, which has a robust, rectangular shape.

If you choose to furnish your new industrial style bathroom with some of our fitted units, any of our black bar handles are a must. They come in a chrome or matt option, and with long and short sizes to complement doors and drawers. These will top off the look perfectly, and really fit in with an industrial style.

If you’re more interested in modular furniture, our Edge or Rise units are both simple, stylish, and perfect for a traditional looking bathroom. Look at how we’ve styled them in our brochure for some industrial inspiration!

Come To Atlanta For Luxury Bathroom Furniture

Mocha Fitted Bathroom FurnitureIf you’re looking for some luxury bathroom furniture to bring an indulgent quality to your bathroom, come to Atlanta! Our wide range of furniture styles and finishes means there’s something for everyone, and we offer several luxurious options! Here are a few finishes and styles which we think could lend a truly opulent style to your bathroom!

Lucia – This high gloss finish has a lustrous shine which will make your bathroom look impressive and grand! This luxury bathroom furniture is in keeping with the classic white bathroom colour scheme, but the reflective surface brings it into the present. Choose an indulgent colour for your walls – something bright or deep to contrast the crisp white Lucia.

Novara – The Anthracite gloss doors of Novara create a deluxe room! The duo tone edge profile adds that extra something special. Brighten up this luxury bathroom furniture with light coloured walls or some glamorous lighting such as downlighters or a plinth light kit.

Mocha – This finish is appropriately named! The deep chocolatey tones will really warm the room up. Combine it with ivory wall and floor colours for a coffee and cream colour scheme!

Truffle – The warm mid oak tones of this luxury bathroom furniture will create total relaxation. The unique markings of the woodgrain finish are perfect for an individual bathroom with some serious chilled out style.

Banbury – The matt shaker doors of Banbury have a contemporary style with a classic twist. Banbury is ideal for a luxurious modern bathroom, which has a tiny throwback to a more traditional look.

Rise – We also offer luxury bathroom furniture in a modular style, such as our Rise units. The greater depth of 460mm allows for ultimate washing space in the basin, and plenty of storage in the deep drawers. Combine this with the sleek, handleless design and you’ve got a luxurious bathroom!

Linear – These units have a sleek and streamlined design. Create a monochrome colour scheme with white units and black countertops for a classic luxurious look!

Form: The Perfect Compact Bathroom Furniture

Form Modular Bathroom FurnitureIf you’re looking to make over a cloakroom or en-suite, or even just a small bathroom, it can often be hard to find storage units that fit with some space to spare. Our Form range of modular units is compact bathroom furniture with style. This range is perfect for saving space in smaller rooms, and still providing a bit of interior design flair!

The Form basin unit has a depth of only 225mm. This means it doesn’t project out into the room too much, or take up too much space – it sits snugly along the wall. Often some compact bathroom furniture can be inconvenient when it comes to use, but despite Form’s slimline depth, the basin provides a comfortable and convenient washing station. The WC unit has a 250mm depth, but if you’re accommodating for a very small room, a close coupled toilet is a space saving and stylish option.

Form’s basin unit comes in both a floor standing and a wall hung option – the choice is yours. The floor standing unit provides more internal storage, but the wall hung unit will provide more floor space, making the room spear bigger. Choose which ever one fits the needs and measurements of your bathroom.

This compact bathroom furniture is available in four woodgrain finishes and three gloss finishes. We think just because a bathroom is small, it doesn’t mean it can’t be attractive so we’re giving you a wide range of choices in finishes to allow for a wider range of colour schemes and design ideas for you. Compact bathroom furniture shouldn’t have to be limited in style.

One of Form’s best features is its wall hung storage units. These compact little units are perfect for out of the way storage that looks great. Wall units are ideal in a room that is lacking floor space. Try mounting a few in a geometric design, so your furniture becomes your decoration.

Form’s whole look is neat and streamlined, right down to the simple bar handles on the units, and the matching tall linear mirror. Form is compact bathroom furniture that doesn’t compromise on looks.

Great Ideas for Family Bathrooms

Alpine Bathroom FurnitureIn family bathrooms it can be difficult to maintain a sense of style, whilst also keeping things child friendly.  Atlanta’s range of attractive storage options allows you to have an on trend bathroom that is also tidy and organised.

Either of our fitted or modular ranges are a great choice for family bathrooms. Both styles are eye-catching and provide plenty of convenient storage. For a larger bathroom, modular units are perfect. Combine a deep basin unit with some wall mounted units – these are perfect for keeping toiletries and cleaning products out of reach for children, and they also look incredibly elegant. In our fitted range of furniture, there are loads of options for family bathrooms. There are plenty of different types of storage suitable for housing each family member’s personal things. Have a go at designing your own run that will best suit your family and their needs.

For your furniture finish, choose something bright, fun and a little bit different. Our woodgrain finishes are totally sophisticated, whilst also being warm and welcoming – a great combination for family bathrooms. On the other hand, a white gloss finish is classic, and always looks good. Our gloss finishes are really easy to clean, so you have no need to worry about the children getting it messy.

When it comes to decorating family bathrooms, it’s important to remember to try and make it fun for the kids, especially if they’re a younger age. Making the bathroom an enjoyable place for them will make their bath time much easier for you! Accessorise with bright colours and interesting decorations. Make it a space personal to your family and their memories. Most importantly, remember to have plenty of entertaining bath toys to hand! These can then be dried and stored in your Atlanta units!

Atlanta’s Lovely Bathroom Lighting

Modena Fitted Bathroom FurnitureAs well as beautiful bathroom furniture, we also offer some bathroom lighting options. Bathroom lighting tends to differ from person to person, some prefer a bright, light room that’s good for getting ready in whilst others like a slightly dimmer, cosier environment.

One of the bathroom lighting options we offer is LED lights. Our LED downlighters are a great way of bringing light into a bathroom and we have a range of styles. They’re perfect for placing above a mirror, as this reflects light out into the room and also makes getting ready a lot easier!

The round downlighter is perfect for a cosy, comfortable bathroom, as the circular shape lends a soft appearance to the room. Circles are a great design scheme to have in a bathroom. For a bathroom that caters to kids, circles are reminiscent of bubbles. Or, if you’re going for a more nautical theme, circles are great to dot around as they look like port holes on a ship!

If you’re going for a more contemporary bathroom lighting style, the square downlighter might be the one for you. The geometric shape has a much more modern style. This light would look particularly good with some of our modular furniture, like a Scale or Flux basin unit.

If you need a bit more light in your bathroom, try one of our twin downlighters. These two lights are placed at either end of a rectangular frame. This downlighter has a sleek and stylish design, great for some subtle but sophisticated bathroom lighting.

Another of our bathroom lighting options is our plinth light kit. Add some glamour to your bathroom with this strip of ten LED lights which are positioned in your plinth. The kit includes bulbs, cables and an LED driver – everything you need for some understated elegance in the room!

We also offer mains bathroom lighting for something a little brighter! Try some 10W low voltage lights for a spotlight effect! These lights have a chrome surround to provide even more style! If you’re looking for bathroom lighting that will provide plenty of light without being glaring, these lights are a good choice. You can choose how many you need to suit the size of your bathroom.

Our bathroom lighting options are all totally different and provide varying effects, so you may want to mix and match!

Take Your Pick of Our Beautiful Bathroom Taps

Bianco Detail 1Sometimes in a bathroom, the taps can be a defining point of the room. A good choice of bathroom taps can really finish the look off! They’re great for subtly adding something extra to a bathroom. We have a stunning range of bathroom taps in several different styles, so there’s something for everyone!

If you’re going for a contemporary style, geometric designs should be littered around your bathroom. Our Fall range of bathroom taps is perfect for this theme. The large, flat handle is easy to use and has a squared shape. These taps are fantastic for a bathroom with a minimalist theme. The straight clean lines will provide a tidy look and the waterfall spout adds an extra something special, so this tap looks even more beautiful when in use!
The Quad bathroom taps have a more cubic design. The smaller lever handle is ergonomically friendly and looks great. This style of tap is perfect for a contemporary style bathroom.

Perhaps you want a look from the future for your bathroom! Our Peak bathroom taps have a futuristic design perfect for an on trend bathroom that’s totally ahead of its time! The curved handle and spout provides smooth lines, making Peak an easy addition to any style or size of bathroom – it’ll fit in anywhere! Peak taps look particularly good on our rectangular Breeze sit-on basins.

Sometimes a simple but stylish tap is the best option. The Font range is ideal for this style, as it doesn’t make a huge statement but still looks great. It will sit beautifully on any basin, finishing the look off.
Similarly, our Solaro bathroom taps have an understated sense of style. This tap has a plain style with a quirky slanted design, which adds a modern edge to a simple tap.

Channel a vintage vibe in your bathroom with some classically styled bathroom taps. Our Matfen taps have cross head handles for the ultimate touch of traditional style. Try the swan neck basin mixer for an elegant look. The shiny chrome finish of these taps gives the classic style a modern update.

So don’t dismiss your taps as a small part of your bathroom – sometimes they can make all the difference!

Choose the Bathroom Storage That’s Right for You

Dune Detail 1The bathroom is a room in the house that is often filled with an abundance of stuff! Particularly in shared bathrooms, as when everyone’s toiletries, towels and trinkets are added up there can be a lot to manage! That’s why plenty of bathroom storage is a must and with our beautiful finishes, it can also be incredibly stylish. We’ve put together this blog to highlight some of the great types of bathroom storage we have on offer and how you can use each to your advantage to create a clean and uncluttered bathroom.

Our basin units combine the practicality of your washing station with some handy storage below, so everything you need is to hand. These are available in three widths, so you can decide just how much storage you need! An attractive Breeze sit-on basin finishes off the look, combining bathroom storage and sanitaryware conveniently.

A simple base unit is great for additional bathroom storage. We offer them in three sizes, with a single external shelf. They’re simple but attractive, and look great in any of our lovely finishes.

We also have open base units, available in a width of 350mm. These are great for easily accessible storage. With open units, you can grab anything you need as quickly as possible. Alternatively, they can be useful for displaying attractive accessories or trinkets that can contribute to your bathroom’s sense of style.

Our tall bathroom storage units come in a range of style. Each combines doors, drawers and open shelves in different ways. This means you can choose the best type for you and your bathroom.

Wall units are perfect for bathroom storage that is out of the way. These units avoid taking up any more floor space, and simply take up otherwise unused wall space. We offer these units in a mirrored option, perfect for going above the basin and doubling up as a bathroom mirror and saving you from buying a separate one!

We also offer handy bathroom storage extras, like our toilet roll holder unit. This unit can be placed next to your WC unit for convenient, stowaway toilet roll storage. There is also a pull-out linen base unit, which has a linen basket incorporated into the design. These extras are designed to make your bathroom as convenient as possible for you.

Most of our bathroom storage units are also available in a slimline depth, making great storage available for bathrooms of all sizes!

Atlanta’s Marvellous Modular Bathroom Furniture

For a contemporary and stylish look in your home, try our modular bathroom furniture. If the fitted style isn’t for you, and you’d prefer some separate bathroom units, this is the style to choose. The freestanding style of modular bathroom furniture will create a trendy and modern aesthetic. Here are a few of our favourite modular ranges of furniture.

Our Edge modular bathroom furniture has a sleek design, with handleless doors making it look effortlessly elegant. The slab drawers create a clean and tidy look that will contribute to the modern aesthetic. These units are available in three of our beautiful woodgrain finishes; Dune, Truffle and Mali Oak, as well as stunning White Gloss for a more traditional bathroom style.
The Edge basin unit has a stylish angular basin that is both practical as well as good looking. Add our geometric Fall mixer tap for a completely contemporary look. A matching toilet with a simple but attractive design will finish off the modular bathroom furniture look.
Edge’s separate modular style is cool and clean, and perfect for a bathroom makeover!

The Linear range of modular bathroom furniture is made up of wider basin units. Placed together, these can lengthen the appearance of the room, and create a stylish designer look. Choose between doors or drawers for your basin unit and complement it with some handy wall mounted storage units!
Complete this look with one of our gorgeous bench basins. Choose from an extensive range of shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect basin that suits your bathroom and your style.
Finally, choose a contrasting or matching countertop for your units, for complete modular bathroom furniture.

Try something a little different with Scope modular bathroom furniture. The basin unit in this range has a stunning curved shape, and is available with either doors or a singular deep drawer. This shape of basin unit is incredibly on trend, and it adds a new dimension to the room, projecting the furniture outwards.
Scope includes a range of storage options, including mid tower units and mirrored wall units. It’s available in six of our woodgrain finishes, as well as White Gloss, so you can achieve pretty much any look you like!

Atlanta’s Beautiful Bathroom Countertops

Pescara Detail 2The beauty of a bathroom is often in the finishing touches, and one of the best ways to add this special flair is with an attractive countertop. We have a range of twenty beautiful bathroom countertops for you to choose from. Ranging from gloss to matt to timber, there’s a countertop style for everyone. Here we’ve listed a few of our favourites and how to make them stand out in your bathroom!

White Gloss

White Gloss bathroom countertops will emanate that classic style. If you’ve also chosen White Gloss cabinets, this coordination will create a seamless and timeless look. The great thing about White Gloss is it goes with anything, so it also looks amazing with any of our other finishes, particularly darker ones. Deeper, richer finishes will make the crisp white countertop stand out, really making a statement.

Magma Gloss

Choose Magma Gloss bathroom countertops for a neutral and minimalist style. The hues in this beautiful countertop are subtle but still have a bit of warmth, which creates an inviting atmosphere. Magma Gloss is perfect with White Gloss cabinets for a monochrome colour scheme with a bit of character. It also looks great with some of our lighter timber effect finishes.

Millstone Gloss

This stylish speckled countertop finish looks simple but will provide a variation of colour in your bathroom. It consists of lovely, calming hues of grey and white that are easy to match with several of our cabinet finishes. If you’re looking for bathroom countertops to finish off a tranquil and relaxing environment, Millstone Gloss is the one for you.

Sahara Mica Gloss

For something a little more sparkly and shimmering, try Sahara Mica Gloss bathroom countertops. This playful finish will add pops of colour to your bathroom, which is great if you’ve chosen an all white colour scheme for the rest of the room. The glittering flecks of blues, pinks and purples will add character to the room, whilst keeping it neutral enough so it’s not overwhelming.


Blackstone is classic, bold, and sure to make a statement. Black looks good with anything but this countertop looks particularly good with white furniture. This is because it is dappled with lighter shades, which will be highlighted by some bright white cabinets!

Odessa Oak

Last but not least of our favourite bathroom countertops, is Odessa Oak.  We have five timber effect countertop finishes to choose from, but Odessa Oak is the most timeless and versatile. It looks amazing with matching Odessa cabinets for an all over timber effect style. Alternatively, it also goes well with white furniture or any of the finishes in our Classic range.

We hope this helps you when picking out your bathroom countertops, and gives you an idea of the style you want to achieve.

Try A Classic Look With Atlanta’s White Gloss Bathroom Furniture

LuciaIf you want a classic bathroom style with a contemporary twist, white gloss bathroom furniture is the way to go. The traditional white colour is brought up to date with a high gloss reflective finish. Here at Atlanta, we have so many options for stylish white gloss bathroom furniture we thought we’d put together this blog highlighting the benefits of this stunning finish.

White Gloss is great for bathrooms of all sizes. The bright finish will reflect light around the room, making it seem more airy and spacious. This is great for making a small space seem larger! Our fitted White Gloss bathroom furniture, like Lucia, is ideal for small bathrooms – just choose a combination of units suitable for your bathroom’s size. Another fitted option is Grip, which has a sleek, handleless design. This will give your bathroom a totally clean and refreshing look when combined with beautiful White Gloss.

White is the easiest colour to match with, so decorating will be a doddle with a White Gloss finish! Another great thing about White Gloss is you know it will never go out of style. This means you can change the decoration or style of your bathroom around it, and it will always fit in! Whether you go for neutral, pastel colours or something more bright and bold, White Gloss bathroom furniture is a constant.

If you want a really modern bathroom style, our White Gloss finish is available for all of our modular units. Try something fairly simple like Zest, for a subtle but fashionable bathroom. Or alternatively, you could go a bit more edgy. Our Flux units come in White Gloss, with a choice of three woodgrain cabinet interiors. The geometric pattern complements the modern high gloss finish, creating the ultimate contemporary space.

All of our handles and accessories go really well with white gloss bathroom furniture, so you should have no problem picking out the finishing touches to your new sleek and bright bathroom!


Dare To Be Different With Viola – Our Purple Gloss Bathroom Furniture

Viola Fitted Bathroom FurnitureWhen browsing through our brochure, there’s one finish that’s sure to catch your eye. Viola is our beautiful range of purple gloss bathroom furniture. Make your bathroom reflect your personality by adding a huge splash of colour! In this blog, we’ll show you how to accessorise and style Viola for it to reach its full potential in your bathroom.

Obviously the most apparent benefit of purple gloss bathroom furniture is its individuality. It’s a totally non-traditional colour to have in a bathroom, making it even more striking. It is sure to make a bold statement, and your bathroom will look like it’s been styled by a professional interior designer. It’s guaranteed to stand out in the mind of anyone who comes to visit your home!

Viola looks especially good in small bathrooms or en-suites and cloakrooms. This is because in a smaller space, Viola has more of a chance to make an even bigger impact. The great thing about gloss bathroom furniture is its reflective surface. With Viola, this is complemented by slab style doors to create a sleek and ultra-modern style. It’s all about the finishing touches with Viola, like the duo tone edging which adds a flash of modern metallic style, making all the difference!

White Gloss cabinets come as standard with Viola, which provides a really fun and contrasting look. Alternatively, we offer matching panels and plinths, for totally coordinating purple gloss bathroom furniture. In our brochure, we’ve styled Viola with grey metro tiles – this style of tiles and the colour grey are both incredibly on trend this year! You could take inspiration from this for your home, or try Viola with some other neutral colours.

For a really bold look, we think Viola would look amazing with a wall of black tiles! To make this purple finish stand out, you could style the rest of your room completely white, so Viola really makes a statement in comparison! Top it all off with a white countertop and some modern sanitaryware for a contemporary style.

Purple gloss bathroom furniture may not be the most obvious choice, but it’s definitely a good one! Dare to be different and make your bathroom stand out!

Atlanta’s Amazing Bathroom Accessories

Banbury Detail 1As well as stunning bathroom furniture, we offer a range of amazing bathroom accessories to complement it. When it comes to bathrooms, it can often be the finishing touches that make the room. In this blog, we’ll run through a few of our favourite taps, basins and handles that we think are best for creating the ultimate luxurious bathroom.


One of our favourite basins is the Breeze sit on basin. Breeze has a stylish rectangular shape, creating a modern look. It is also available in a slimline depth, which still retains its style and functionality just as well as the regular depth. Sit on basins are incredibly easy to install and look great topping off a basin unit. Here at Atlanta, we don’t want you to pay too much for your bathroom accessories, and the best thing about Breeze is its low price, with a current discount of up to £152!

The Faro basin has a totally different style to Breeze, but is still just as contemporary and elegant. Faro is a semi-recessed basin, so it is integrated into the unit, with the beautiful rounded front emerging from the countertop. The clean lines and modern design of Faro make it perfect for a sleek and on trend bathroom.

Our Pavia basin has a more traditional style, and will bring a cosier feeling to the room. Pavia is also semi-recessed, so its rounded rectangular shape will be incorporated into the basin unit. This creates a more cohesive bathroom style over all, tying together your units and bathroom accessories.


The Fall mixer is perfect for a tranquil and spa like bathroom. The open waterfall spout will create a beautiful cascading stream of water which can be incredibly soothing. The squared design means it will fit in well in a modern and on trend bathroom. A matching bath mixer is also available, so your bathroom will have a unified and stylish finished look.

Add a geometric and futuristic look to your bathroom with our Quad mixer tap. The rectangular body of the tap is topped off with a matching lever, which is stylish and easy to use, making water temperature and flow easy to control. Quad is also available with a matching bath filler, if you want to maintain your futuristic bathroom style!

If you want a more traditional style for your bathroom accessories, try our Matfen mixer tap. This swan neck tap also has vintage style cross handles for easy use and a quirky aesthetic. A matching bath mixer is also available, as well as a handy showerhead attachment for extra convenience.


Sticking with the vintage style, our Traditional Knob handle is perfect for creating a stylish throwback look for your bathroom. The round design has an antique style, with a beautiful distressed finish. It looks particularly good with any of our timber effect finishes.

Alternatively, you could go the complete opposite way for your bathroom accessories. The Chrome Milo handle is cool and contemporary. The modern and geometric aesthetic would look amazing in a clean and stylish bathroom.

Finally, our Matt Black Bar handles come in both a long and short style, so you can choose which best suits your bathroom. The simple style of these handles will add an industrial chic edge to the room.


We hope these suggestions help you when you’re picking out your Atlanta bathroom accessories. Don’t forget to send us photos of your finished bathroom on Facebook or Twitter!

Come To Atlanta For Bathroom Furniture For Cloakrooms

Form Modular Bathroom FurnitureFinding bathroom furniture for cloakrooms can be difficult, as you’re often working with a quite a small space. Many people think they have to sacrifice style for practicality when designing a cloakroom, but with Atlanta this isn’t the case. In this blog, we’ve put together a few tips for how you can utilise each of our bathroom furniture styles to create a designer cloakroom!

Fitted – Lots of our fitted units come in a slimline depth of around 250mm. These reduced depth units still keep the same functionality as regular units, but provide more space in the room. Units in a light finish will reflect light around the room, making it seem more open and spacious. A great range for bathroom furniture for cloakrooms is Grip. The sleek handless design and a White Gloss finish provide a clean and sleek style, perfect for small spaces. Try a WC unit and a basin unit with doors and a sit-on slimline Breeze basin. If you need extra storage, wall hung units are a great way of providing more room without taking up floor space.

Modular – Scale is a great choice for modular units in a small space. The basin unit has a slimline depth of just 270mm, but still has a very distinct style. The slimline sit on basin comes included and has a diagonal geometric design, bringing something extra to a small room and proving that bathroom furniture for cloakrooms can still be modern and on trend! This unit is available floor standing, or wall hung which would provide more floor space and make the room seem bigger. Scale is available in three woodgrain finishes and White Gloss, all four of which would create a stylish look perfect for a cloakroom.

Another great range that could be perfect as bathroom furniture for cloakrooms is Form. Form has a simple but stylish design, and comes in a wider range of finishes. Choose from four woodgrain finishes ranging from light to dark, as well as White Gloss, Cool Grey and Graphite Lucido.

Classic – Alternatively, you could create a traditional look in your cloakroom, which can often be nice and cosy for a small space. If you’ve got quite a spacious cloakroom, try a Classic basin unit combined with a WC unit to create a mini run of furniture. However, if the space is tight try a close coupled toilet. This keeps the traditional style, takes up less space and is easy to install.

So if you’re looking for bathroom furniture for cloakrooms and are thinking it won’t be attractive or sophisticated, have a look at our brochure – it’s sure to change your mind!

Go Bold With Novara – Atlanta’s Anthracite Bathroom Furniture

NovaraIf you want an on trend and up to date bathroom that’s a little bit different, check out Novara – our Anthracite bathroom furniture. Novara has an Anthracite finish that is stylish, sleek, and will make a bold statement in your bathroom. The bathroom is increasingly moving away from being a room of just functionality, and is now also a room to showcase style and taste. If you like to veer away from the norm, stay clear of white doors and choose Novara!

There are a few ways to style your Novara bathroom furniture. You could stick to dark tones for a relaxing and luxurious bathroom. Try slate grey wall tiles and a lighter shade of grey for your flooring. With the correct lighting, this darker colour scheme will work to create a really chic room.

Alternatively, you could create a contrasting look. Match Novara bathroom furniture with white walls and floors. This monochrome look will always be on trend and the white walls will make the Anthracite doors appear even bolder! Novara looks amazing with white sanitary ware, especially the Breeze sit on basin. Carry on this look by selecting a white countertop to go with your cabinets.

It’s all about the finishing touches when it comes to Novara. Novara has a brilliantly reflective surface and an elegant duo-tone edge profile, which contribute to its great modern look. Try complementing the cabinets with some really contemporary styled handles. Our Chrome Square Bevelled handles will add a geometric edge to the look. Or try our Chrome Milo handles for a futuristic look!

Finish off this striking look by personalising the room with your own stylish accessories. Black and white photo frames would make a good contribution. Or dispense all your toiletries into black and white bottles. Small finishing touches are all you need to accentuate the bold look of your Novara Anthracite bathroom furniture.


Grey Doesn’t Have To Be Dull With Atlanta’s Grey Bathroom Furniture

Cool Grey Detail 1One of the most on trend colours for interior design this year is grey. A lot of people are often quick to dismiss grey in the home, seeing it as dull or miserable. They couldn’t be more wrong! When utilised properly in a home, grey can be cool, sophisticated and relaxing. We think it works best in the bathroom, so here’s a few tips on grey bathroom furniture.

This popular trend of grey interiors could be due to the growing use of concrete in the home. Concrete is being used in kitchens, bedrooms and even living rooms, but it looks especially good in bathrooms. If you want a slightly warmer, more traditional grey bathroom furniture alternative to this trend, try our Cool Grey gloss finish. This is available as fitted furniture, or with our modular Zest units so you can choose which style best suits you and your bathroom. We think Cool Grey goes great with black or white, which would carry on the sophisticated feel of the room, but you’re free to experiment with your grey bathroom furniture and see what works!

Another option for grey bathroom furniture is our Classic range in Stone Grey. This will create a great interior design style, as you’ll have the traditional panel design of the doors combining with the contemporary grey colour. This is a great idea if you want your bathroom to have more of a vintage style! We think it looks great with deep, dusky shades of pink or blue.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be your furniture that’s grey. You can use grey to complement white bathroom furniture. Try units in one of our white Gloss or Matt finishes with grey wallpaper or tiling. A nice subtle shade of grey will make the white cabinets stand out and shine! Alternatively, you could have an entirely white bathroom and use grey to accessorise, with towels and decorations. We also think black units look great with grey tiling. Try our Novara units with some stylish large grey tiles for a bathroom that’s totally on trend.

So if you’re thinking about grey bathroom furniture, check out our grey finishes in our brochure. But also don’t forget that grey can be used as an accessory, as well as the main focal point of the room. Just make sure you never dismiss grey for interior design!

Liven Up Your Bathroom With Pescara Bathroom Cabinets

PescaraWe have such a wide range of finishes for bathroom cabinets here at Atlanta, it might be a bit hard to choose! So we thought we’d use this blog to single out one finish and some of the features and benefits it has – the lovely Pescara!

Pescara is a beautiful shade of cream, which can be a good alternative to white for bathrooms. Cream can make the room seem a bit warmer. It adds more colour and personality to your bathroom cabinets. Cream is also a more contemporary alternative to white. Cream and pastel colours are a growing trend in the bathroom, so Pescara is a good option if you want the room to be on trend and up to date.

The wonderful gloss finish of Pescara is reflective, and a stunning finishing touch to the room. A gloss finish is a fab contemporary twist on the traditional bathroom cabinet style, bringing the room into the present. A shiny surface can reflect light around a room, brightening it and making it appear larger – another bonus for Pescara!

Although it is off-white in colour, Pescara still looks great with white sanitaryware. We think the Breeze basin in particular matches very well, and is incredibly easy to install. Simply choose your toilet and you’re ready to go! The cream and white colours of the finish and the sanitaryware contrast nicely, without being too bold of a difference.

Pescara is so versatile; it even goes with any laminate countertop. We suggest a white gloss, timber or black countertop to fully complement the tones of Pescara. A white countertop will match all of your sanitaryware, so you have a fully co-ordinating look. A black countertop will contrast beautifully. Finally, a timber countertop will add a warmer, more homely aspect to your bathroom cabinets.

We hope we’ve enlightened you on the benefits of Pescara! We’ll be picking a different finish over the next few weeks, to help you decide which is best for your bathroom cabinets!

Atlanta’s Fitted Bathroom Furniture

Bianco Bathroom FurnitureFitted bathroom furniture is one of the most popular choices for bathrooms at the moment. Not only is it incredibly practical, but it will also add style and class to your bathroom. It’s really easy to choose your combination of units from our brochure and get designing! So before you make your final choice, here are some of the benefits of fitted bathroom furniture.

Our fitted furniture can provide endless storage opportunities, with both door and drawer options. Simply mix and match which styles of units you will require to achieve your desired look and practicality. This way, everything had its place and is tidied away to create a totally uncluttered atmosphere! Our fitted bathroom furniture is also available in a Slimline depth. This takes up less floor space if you have a smaller bathroom, but still provides plenty of storage.

Because you can choose how many units you have and how you position them, our fitted bathroom furniture is ideal for any sized bathroom. If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of space in your bathroom, you could have a long run of fitted furniture across one wall. If you have a more compact bathroom, or are furnishing a cloakroom or en-suite, fitted bathroom furniture can also fit snugly between two walls or in an alcove.

If you’re looking for a truly neat and chic look, fitted could be the way to go! Fitted bathroom furniture creates clean lines and a sleek and inviting atmosphere. Another advantage of fitted is that it conceals unsightly pipework. This way your bathroom looks sophisticated and stylish, and no one sees behind the scenes!

Choose from gloss, matt or timber effect finishes for your Atlanta fitted bathroom furniture. Our gloss finishes take the on trend, high gloss look to a sophisticated new level. Our timber effect doors have a complementing cabinet and all cabinet interiors co-ordinate with the front and reverse of the door for a luxurious finish. Finally, our matt range is available in a choice of slab, shaker or saponetta doors and provides a modern, clean look at an affordable price.

You can make our fitted bathroom furniture entirely your own by choosing your combination of units, finishes, countertopshandles and sanitaryware. Once you’ve made all your choices you will have a bathroom that’s perfectly designed for you!

Atlanta’s Traditional Bathroom Furniture

Classic MainIf you’re looking for a more traditional bathroom furniture style, why not try Atlanta’s Classic range? By choosing a more traditional design, it means your bathroom will have timeless style and won’t go out of trend. Here are a few of the reasons sometimes you’ve got to go Classic!

Our beautiful Classic range is hand crafted with care to make sure your bathroom is perfect. It’s all about the detail with traditional bathroom furniture, and our Classic range is no different! Beautiful five panel design doors create a chic look so you’re instantly wowed. This is complemented by grooved end panels, to contribute to the rustic, vintage style. A lot of care and attention has gone into our Classic furniture, and you can definitely tell.

You can choose from four fantastic matt finishes for your traditional bathroom furniture in our Classic range. With four different takes on the style, you can choose which one suits you and your bathroom best. The White finish is arguably the most timeless style, and would look amazing with the Blackstone Gloss laminate countertop, for the classic monochrome bathroom look. The Ivory finish is similar, but adds a little bit more warmth to the room. The Cashmere and Stone Grey finishes are a bit more of a contemporary twist on the traditional bathroom furniture style, with neutral tones like these being very in for 2015.

Choose from three different laminate countertops to go with your Classic units: Matt White, Odessa Oak and Blackstone Gloss. This way you can add the finishing personal touch to your traditional bathroom furniture. We recommend the Odessa Oak countertop with the Ivory finish, or the Matt White countertop with the Cashmere finish – the choice is yours!

So take the traditional style and make it your own. Choose our Classic range and add your own personal touches so it fits perfectly in your home.

Atlanta’s Stunning Woodgrain Finishes

Truffle Fitted Bathroom FurnitureAs well as Gloss and Matt finishes, Atlanta offers stunning Timber effect finishes for our bathroom furniture. These gorgeous finishes have a woodgrain texture that feels just like real wood, so your bathroom not only looks good, but feels good too.

Here are a few of our favourite woodgrain finishes, and how you can make them look their best in your brand new Atlanta bathroom.

Dune is a pale and neutral finish, but it can also add a lot of warmth to a bathroom. If you’re looking for modern bathroom furniture, Dune could be the finish for you. The stunning cabinets look even better with contemporary style chrome handles. Dune bathroom furniture is great for a small bathroom, as the woodgrain finish adds a real depth to the room. Because of Dune’s neutral tones, it is incredibly versatile and will go with a lot of interior décor styles. Whether you want bright colours or something a bit more subtle, Dune will go with any!

The Mocha bathroom furniture finish is a bit more of a statement! The deep, chocolatey tones give the room a totally luxurious feel. Create a spa-like escape with this finish and kick back and relax! The great thing about Mocha is it looks amazing with either modern or traditional handles. So you could go for a sleek chrome look, or the more traditional round knob style. We think Mocha looks best with light wall colours, so it really stands out and the warm colour is really given its chance to shine!

Our final woodgrain recommendation for your Atlanta bathroom furniture is Truffle. This beautiful mid-shade oak effect finish is perfect for some understated style! The subtle shade creates a really cool and contemporary style, perfect if you want your bathroom to be up to date and on trend with the latest styles. We think that Truffle looks good with lots of types of décor, but especially with bold or bright colours. Try a deep blue or purple with Truffle to make a real statement!

Woodgrain effect bathroom furniture is a solid investment, as it looks good with so many different styles and is sure to never go out of style. Make sure you send us photos of your completed Atlanta bathroom!

Monochrome Magic! – Atlanta’s Black and White Bathroom Furniture

Novara Black and White Bathroom FurnitureBlack and white bathroom furniture is an everlasting trend that undoubtedly will never go out of style. Not just in bathrooms, the monochrome look is a bold style in interior design, fashion, cars and many more genres. Here at Atlanta, we love a monochrome bathroom, so we thought we’d put together a little blog highlighting some of our favourite black and white bathroom furniture, and how to create your own monochrome magic.

The way the monochrome trend is manifesting in the current 2015 trends is in a ying and yang style, by which we mean one colour is dominant with accents of the other. For example, this current look could be achieved with one of our White Gloss or Matt finishes combined with a Blackstone or Cosmic Mica Gloss laminate countertop. The white finish dominates, but the black accessorises and completes

Another way this look can be achieved is with decorating – it doesn’t have to be a mixture of black and white bathroom furniture. For example, try all white cabinets and countertops for a cool and clean look, then accessorise with black towels, soap dispensers or laundry baskets. Additionally, a wall of black tiles can be a bold statement in an all-white bathroom. Or try switching this look around! Our Novara bathroom furniture has a black anthracite finish and can be topped off with a White High Gloss countertop to complete the monochrome look. Alternatively, white walls, towels and accessories can be used. These tend to be a little more conventional than black accessories, but still make a big impact.

Of course, different people have different tastes, and some may find black and white bathroom furniture to be a little bit cold or lacking in personality. If you agree with this, we suggest our Scale modular units in Mali Oak. The basin unit in particular gives off a monochrome vibe, as the white geometric sit on basin contrasts with the deep Mali Oak tones. This is a slightly lighter and earthier alternative to the monochrome look.

Monochrome will always be in style, and black and white bathroom furniture will never cease to be chic. Whichever direction you decide to take your monochrome bathroom in, with Atlanta’s lifetime guarantee, it’s not just the style that will last!

Atlanta’s Bathroom Ideas – Nautical Theme!

Modena Nautical Bathroom IdeasIf you’re struggling to find some good bathroom ideas, the nautical style will always be appropriate. The subtle blue and white theme is the one people tend to go for in bathrooms anyway, so a few seaside themed accessories will just add the finishing touch! There are a few routes to go down with the nautical theme, so we thought we’d lay them out for you.

The standard nautical look is usually comprised of white bathroom furniture, with blue walls, accessories or accents. For this look, we recommend our Lucia or Modena cabinets, which can be used as a blank canvas for a coastal inspired bathroom. Add dashes of deep blue to the room in towels or tiles, to contrast the white high gloss finish. Finish off with some fun nautical accessories, like anchor shaped towel hooks, or framed photos of boats.

This look works even better when you’re looking for family bathroom ideas. Try covering one wall in some playful underwater wallpaper. Large wicker baskets fit in with the nautical theme, and are incredibly handy for tidying up used towels or dirty clothes. The kids will love feeling like they’re always at the beach, and it makes bath time fun!

Another one of the routes to go down in nautical bathroom ideas is to move away from the sailor style and go for a more beach inspired look. Add a feel of driftwood but with a sophisticated finish, with some of our timber effect cabinets, like Dune. Possibilities for accessorising are endless, and can often be easy to make yourself. For example, fill some glass mason jars with sand and shells and display on the window sill or the WC unit. This is super easy to do and looks really effective.

The final one of our nautical bathroom ideas is a more traditional route. Try our Classic range of furniture, combined with some sailing style accessories to feel like you’re below deck on a grand ship. Tiling works incredibly well with this classic look, especially with traditional sanitaryware.

Let us know if you have any other nautical themed bathroom ideas, and don’t forget to tweet us your photos @AtlantaBeModern.

Summer Styles for Bathroom Furniture

So, it’s finally getting towards our favourite time of the year – Summer! Although you might not guess it with the temperamental weather! When it starts to get a bit brighter, you’ll want every room in your house to be filled with light and transformed into a beautiful sunlit haven! This doesn’t exclude the bathroom, which can often be thought of as a colder, less cosy room. Here at Atlanta, we think with the right bathroom furniture and some wise interior design touches, your bathroom can be a summery place of relaxation!

The finish of your bathroom furniture will greatly impact how the room looks. We recommend one of our stunning woodgrain effect finishes, for a bathroom where it could be Summer all year long. The woodgrain effect will provide a classic but stylish and up to date look for your bathroom that is guaranteed to impress. The deep tones of our Truffle finish, for example, will bring warmth to the room and make it appear more inviting. A lighter woodgrain effect finish like Dune is perfect for a bathroom that gets the morning sun through the window. The paler tone will reflect the light around the room and make it appear more spacious.

As well as a nice, light finish, the position of your bathroom furniture is just as important in creating a Summer styled room. For smaller bathrooms, we recommend our cabinets in a slimline depth of 250mm. The reduced depth creates so much more floor space, but doesn’t sacrifice on functionality. Our slimline basins are sleek and stylish and fit in beautifully. For larger bathrooms, we recommend our Modular bathroom furniture. The individual units add a modern touch to the room and make it look much bigger.

As well as stylish Atlanta bathroom furniture, you can add some finishing touches to your bathroom yourself to create the perfect Summer style. First, when it comes to walls and floors, stick to light colours. Your tiles and wallpaper should be in pastel shades, but with warm hues for a welcoming atmosphere. Second, mirrors in the bathroom will reflect the Summer sunlight, spreading light around and opening the room up. Finally, accessorise with fun pops of colour! Try orange and yellow towels or photo frames, for an added sense of excitement!

Send us photos of your fun, summery bathroom ideas on Twitter – @AtlantaBeModern


Atlanta’s Impressive Range of Bathroom Furniture

Lucia Bathroom FurnitureHere at Atlanta, we know that choosing the right bathroom furniture for you can seem confusing. It could be you like a door style, but dislike the handles it comes with. Or love a finish for the door but want different for the cabinet. We want to eliminate this hassle. So with Atlanta you can choose your ideal bathroom down to the last detail. We have such a wide range of styles and finishes, it’ll be easy to find something you love.

We sell four different styles of bathroom furniture; Modular, Fitted, Classic and Vanity. Our modular furniture is perfect for larger bathrooms, with the exception of Scale and Form which can fit into smaller ones. Separate units create more floor space and provide a chic and modern look. Fitted furniture is amazing for storage solutions in bathrooms of any size; it fits snugly in the walls and conceals unsightly pipework. However, our Slimline fitted furniture, with its reduced depth, is more suited to smaller bathrooms. Our classic furniture creates a timeless style for your bathroom. Panel design doors and grooved side panels give a luxurious look. Finally, our vanity bathroom furniture is affordable and easy to install, as well as bringing to your bathroom a classic and simple style.

Our cabinet doors come in five different styles. The slab style door is sleek, modern, and perfect for contemporary bathrooms. Our saponetta doors will provide a 3D element to your bathroom with their raised surface. Bevelled doors also provide extra depth in a bathroom, but with clean and smooth lines. Our shaker doors provide a more traditional cabinet door style, if you prefer a classic look. And finally, our handleless doors have a smooth design, ideal for a modern bathroom.

Our bathroom furniture comes in two depths – a standard depth of 365mm, as well as a slimline option of 250mm. This means we can cater to bathrooms, cloakrooms and en-suites of any size, and the issue of providing storage space in smaller areas has been avoided.

The choice of finishes is potentially the most important one and we have 12 to offer, all beautifully unique. Our timber effect finishes come in a range of hues from light Ferrara Oak through to deep and chocolatey Mocha. Our white finishes come in Matt or Gloss, so you can choose between a smooth, even finish or a shiny, reflective one. We also offer some coloured doors, for example Viola, Novara and Cool Grey. These are for a more unique and bold bathroom style, if you feel like making a statement!

Finally, we offer four different price ranges so you can choose bathroom furniture that’s most suitable to your budget. We want to make your bathroom renovation process as easy and enjoyable as possible, and more than anything want you to be pleased with your end result. So go on, be your own interior designer and create your perfect bathroom with Atlanta!

On Trend Bathroom Furniture

Flux Bathroom FurnitureHere at Atlanta, we like to make sure we’re up to date with all of the latest trends in bathroom furniture, so we can provide retailers and home-owners with cutting-edge and modern bathrooms. Here are a few of 2015’s latest bathroom trends, and Atlanta’s take on them.

Attention Grabbing Metallic Fixtures – Materials like chrome and brushed nickel are very in vogue at the moment. These are two of the materials which we use to make our wide selection of handles. Some of our handles are fairly simple and traditional, however our Grooved Chrome Handle or our Chrome Sculptured Square Handle are more contemporary styles, better fitted with more modern bathroom furniture.

Twin Basins – Side by side basins for couples’ bathrooms or en-suites are becoming increasingly popular. It’s great to have just a little bit of separate space in a shared bathroom. As seen in our Linear collection in the brochure, two of our modular bathroom furniture units can be placed side by side and topped with two stunning modern basins, each with its own stylish mixer tap.

Grey – The cool and neutral tones of grey make it a classic bathroom style, but it is coming into the forefront of bathroom design this year. Try our Cool Grey high gloss fitted units, which have an up to the moment finish perfect for a modern bathroom. The muted grey tones act as a blank canvas for your bathroom design. Alternatively, our Classic units come in a Stone Grey finish, so you can continue the timeless theme.

Geometric Design – The asymmetrical design of our Flux range is very up to date with a contemporary trend for geometric patterns in interior design and bathroom furniture. Smooth lines and triangular shapes are a sure fire way to have an on trend bathroom, and Atlanta has all the tools you need.

Vanity Units – Although vanity units are a seemingly timeless classic, they appear to be making a strong impression on the bathroom industry this year. Vanity units have a classic bathroom style that will never go out of fashion. Here at Atlanta, we offer highly stylish and affordable vanity units with a white gloss finish.

When purchasing Atlanta furniture, you’re guaranteed an up to date approach that has considered the trends and fashions of the moment, as well as the timeless classics that never go out of style!

Use Atlanta Bathroom Furniture For Storage and Saving Space

Bianco bathroom furnitureSo much has to fit in a bathroom, yet it can often be smaller than some bedrooms in the house. This is why saving space is so vital in the bathroom, and it is important to make the most of it. Ultimate space can be achieved with a combination of well-placed bathroom furniture and some handy de-cluttering tips!

Whether you have a small bathroom, or a just have a big family to fit in one, you’ll always want to make the most of your space. Atlanta bathroom furniture has many units and accessories that can optimize space and avoid clutter. For example, try an open base unit. This can hold anything from toiletries to towels, and the open shelves create an airy, more spacious feel. Another great space-saving technique is our toilet roll base unit. This conveniently stows away your toilet roll dispenser, so it is only visible or accessible when necessary.

Another way Atlanta bathroom furniture can help you save space is with our slimline range. This has the same shapes and finishings but in a slimmer depth. This maximises on space in your bathroom, and provides a neater and compact bathroom surface. The smaller size doesn’t dim down the elegance or style of the furniture, and it still provides a stunning touch to a bathroom.

There are also a few handy hacks you can do that give the illusion of more space, and de-clutter your bathroom. For example, try a more compact WC unit. Our Faro back to wall toilet has a minimalist style and takes up minimal space. Another useful tip is to have a mirror above the sink, preferably as central as possible. This gives the impression of a spacious and airy room, even more so when teamed with one of our top fix picture lights. Try our mirror-backed glass shelves for more light reflection, and a handy storage space for toiletries or medicines.

As well as our stylish and convenient bathroom furniture, there are some other simple things that can be done to de-clutter a bathroom. For example, a large wicker basket or two is great for clean and used towels, and gives a rustic look. Or if you’re putting your towels on shelves, try rolling them instead of folding them, as this creates more space. Combine handy hacks like this with some stunning Atlanta bathroom furniture, and you’ll be making the most of the space in your bathroom.

Decorating To Complement Your New Bathroom Furniture

Alpine Bathroom FurnitureHave you chosen your ideal bathroom furniture from Atlanta, and now need a little bit of inspiration for decorating? Or perhaps you have a decorating style in mind, and need help finding the furniture that will match it? Either way, we’ve put together this blog to highlight a few styles of bathroom decoration, and the furniture and accessories that will go with it.

A popular style of bathroom decoration is the classic look. For a classically styled bathroom, the walls are usually painted or wallpapered in white or off-white. You could paint certain details, like skirting boards or window frames, in a pastel shade of blue or green to give your classic bathroom a bit of character. For this style, we naturally recommend our Classic range of bathroom furniture. Choose a finish in pale shades from white to stone grey, and complement with timeless white sanitaryware. Finally, add some simple but effective bathroom accessories. For example, flowers always add a homely touch to a bathroom. Fresh flowers also add fragrance, but artificial ones will last much longer! Finish off your classic bathroom with some prints or photos in simple frames which match your selected finish. Altogether, this creates a timeless look!

It could be that you’re looking for a more modern, up-to-date look for your bathroom – bathrooms don’t necessarily have to be white! If you want a more edgy or chic bathroom, perhaps a darker colour scheme is the way to go. Our Novara fitted units have an Anthracite gloss finish, providing an edgy alternative to the classic white bathroom. Try combining this finish with lighter coloured walls to contrast. Occasional splashes of colour in photo frames or bathroom accessories such as towels and bathmats will liven up the room, whilst still maintaining your contemporary style. The geometric shapes of our Flux line of modular bathroom furniture create a cutting-edge bathroom style, perfect for a contemporary room. Flux goes well with plain walls in a pale colour – the edgy shapes of the units speak for themselves! Alternatively, you could try a simpler style of modular furniture, such as our Form range, and combine it with bright, printed wallpaper. Whether you go for a linear pattern, or a vintage style floral print, it will complement your simple bathroom furniture brilliantly. Put the finishing touch on all of this with some quirky framed prints or posters.

Our final style suggestion is for a family bathroom. If your bathroom is accommodating to both children and adults, you’ll want a fun look that’s still stylish. Try bright colours for your walls, like a warm yellow or turquoise blue. For young children, bath time can be a source of fun, so the bathroom should have a playful feel to it. For family bathrooms, we find modular, free standing bathroom furniture is the best way to save space. If there’s a few little people running round, space is most important! As for accessorising, why not try an open base unit to display the kids’ bath toys. This is a great storage solution, whilst also adding colour to the room!

However you decide to decorate to complement your Atlanta bathroom furniture, get creative! Make sure to tweet us with your finished result – @AtlantaBeModern

Slimline Bathroom Furniture

Novara Detail 2If storage space is an issue in a bathroom, the slimline option of our Atlanta bathroom furniture is definitely the way to go. At a thinner depth of 250mm, slimline furniture is a great solution to storage issues. Slimline countertops and basins still provide a generous amount of space for convenient use, but maximise on your floor space. Our slimline basins beautifully complement any range of our bathroom furniture and make your whole bathroom neat and compact.

Slimline furniture saves space and provides a neat solution for smaller bathrooms, or even cloak-rooms or en-suites, which may not have enough space for full size units. The thinner depth creates a truly elegant look. For example, Scale is one of our modular fitted ranges of bathroom furniture which looks amazing in a slimline style, and you can choose from four fantastic and versatile finishes which will suit a huge range of styles and tastes; Dune, Truffle, Mali Oak or a sophisticated white gloss.

There are many other ways to create space in a smaller sized bathroom. For example, try a wall-mounted mirror above the sink. Add one of our back fix picture lights, and together these accessories will open the room out and make it seem a lot more spacious. Combine this with slimline bathroom furniture and your room will seem much bigger in no time!

So go ahead and have a browse through our easy to use brochure at some of the slimline units we have available to offer, and simply choose your finish and sanitaryware – it’s that easy! Here at Atlanta, we understand that sometimes space is premium, so with our slimline collection we do everything we can to remedy that issue, providing you with a bathroom that gives you plenty of space but doesn’t sacrifice on elegance or style.


Exciting Changes to the 2015 Atlanta Bathroom Furniture Collection

Atlanta - Modular - EdgeFeaturing some of the most exciting changes to date, Be Modern have proudly launched their new 2015 Atlanta bathroom furniture collection and have introduced some fantastic new finishes, products and pricing into the brochure.

To the fitted range, Be Modern have added some great new textured wood grain finishes, as well as the collections first handleless door option. Understanding that value for money is increasingly important to the customer of today, Atlanta’s sanitaryware collection now includes Faro, a new, stylish yet affordable range and customers can save up to £152 with Atlanta’s popular range of Breeze sit-on basins.

The collection also features four impressive new modular ranges, all handleless and designed around unique, eye catching new basins; available in white gloss and three beautiful wood grain effect finishes.

Due to popular demand, the elegant Atlanta classic collection, launched mid-2014, has now been included in the Atlanta 2015 brochure. This timeless collection is available in four beautiful matt finishes and features stunning panel designed doors, which are complemented by exquisite grooved side panels and stunning accessories.

Atlanta vanity has been reduced down to create a concise and highly affordable range of white gloss vanity units available in two widths with complementing mirror canopies and a WC unit.

Be Modern have over 50 years manufacturing experience and continually work to improve by investing in the latest machinery and processes, proudly offing a lifetime guarantee on all Atlanta fitted, modular and classic bathroom furniture.

Click here to download a copy of the Atlanta 2015 brochure –

For more information about the Atlanta bathroom furniture please email, call 0191 428 0444 or visit

The Be Modern Display Vehicle has begun its journey around the UK

Be Modern Display Vehicle - HQ

The Be Modern display vehicle has begun its journey around the UK and will be showcasing fantastic products from the new Atlanta brochure.

It’s journey began last night at Be Modern’s HQ in Tyne & Wear and is currently making its way with Be Modern’s Commercial Manager, John Mortimer and National Sales Manager, Daniel McKane to meet the sales team, where it will begin the second leg of the journey with Business Development Manager Ron Burch. Follow the display vehicle tour on twitter to find out when it will be arriving in a town near you.

Stunning New Range of Atlanta Classic Bathroom Furniture

The Atlanta Classic CollectionAtlanta bathrooms have launched a fantastic new collection of classic bathroom furniture. This concise yet versatile collection includes a simple selection of units and accessories available in four beautiful matt, pastel finishes; perfect for achieving a quintessentially chic look in any home and a unique, eye catching addition to any showroom.

The Atlanta classic collection not only looks great but is also easy to install. Basin, WC and base units are supplied with rigid cabinets and clip on hinges make securing doors simple and quick; these units can stand alone or can be combined to create a run of furniture. Bath panels and a matching mirror are available to complete the classic look, and are complemented by a stylish selection of carefully chosen sanitaryware, which includes an easy to install sit-on basin and classic style brassware.

Stunning panel design doors meet with exquisite grooved side panels to create a truly handcrafted look. Available in Matt White, Ivory, Cashmere and Stone Grey, with quiet soft-close hinges; the Atlanta classic collection is simply luxurious.

Atlanta bathroom furniture is manufactured by Be Modern Ltd, a British manufacturer with over 50 years of industry experience. Expert care and attention goes into the development and production of all furniture products, therefore like all Atlanta bathroom furniture, this timeless collection comes with a lifetime guarantee, for full terms and conditions visit: – .

To find out more about the Atlanta collection of classic bathroom furniture visit or contact or customer service team, email or call 0191 428 0444.

Atlanta Bathroom Furniture Now Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee

Atlanta Bathroom Furniture - Lifetime GuaranteeBe Modern are now proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on Atlanta bathroom furniture.

This exciting development comes as Be Modern celebrate 50 years of manufacturing in the UK and is the result of continued investment in the latest machinery and processes.

Expert care and attention goes into the development and production of all Atlanta bathroom furniture products, with the collection comprising of three stunning ranges; fitted, modular and vanity, all manufactured to the highest of standards and available in fantastic finishes; great for creating a range of bathroom styles.

The lifetime guarantee applies to all orders received from the 1st May 2014 and will guarantee against all manufacturing and material defects, for full terms and conditions visit

Customers will be able to register for their lifetime guarantee by completing a short registration card provided as part of the installation pack, or by submitting the online form.

For more information about the Atlanta lifetime guarantee please email

We are proud to announce the launch of our new and more user friendly website.

Following the success of the new Atlanta brochure, which brought all Fitted, Modular and Vanity furniture together for the first time under the Atlanta brand, the Atlanta bathrooms website now has a new look.

The new website has been designed to improve the online experience of both installers and homeowners, with easy to navigate menus and the ability to download or order a brochure and find stockist details from every product page.

You can now access BOES, the Be Modern online enquiry system from all pages, meaning you can get live quotes and place orders whilst browsing Atlanta products with your customer.

The new website has also been carefully designed to focus homeowners towards the inspiration section of the website, where they can browse real life Atlanta installations and get in contact with you or your installers with case studies uplaoded to Trade Link.

For more information email

Updating a small bathroom

The beautiful and spacious, minimalist bathrooms we see in magazines look great, however are often not the reality for most homeowners. Most of us have smaller bathrooms, more to keep in them and a limited amount of storage space to hide items away. So how can we transform our small bathrooms into mini minimalist places of uncluttered tranquillity?

The best place to start is by removing everything from your bathroom and get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last month (you aren’t going to use it again); so you can clearly see how much space you have to play with. Decide if the layout of the bathroom works for you or if (pipe work depending) you can make better use of the space.

Next consider who uses the bathroom and for what purposes. Then decide how you want it to look and what elements you will need to keep in the bathroom to ensure it is still fit for purpose, for example; if you have young children you don’t really want to remove a bath and replace it with a large shower. Next list all of the things you would like to include in the new bathroom in order to achieve the look you are aiming for.

Ensure that you keep your colour scheme light, dark colours will only enclose the space and make your bathroom look smaller. Remove curtains and exchange them for light venetian blinds or a roller blind; letting as much light into the room as possible will open up the space. Add a large mirror to the room, ideally opposite to the window; this will reflect the light and create the illusion of more space. If it is not possible to position the mirror on the opposite wall to the window, consider choosing one with built in lights or adding a light to the top of the mirror to add brightness, check out the lighting solutions we offer by clicking here and select from our stylish and practical range.

Choosing the right flooring and tiles can instantly make a difference to the perceived space in the room, again avoid dark colours, if you want to go with grey, make sure that it is a light grey and avoid small mosaic tiles, they will only make the space appear smaller. Larger, lighter tiles will open the room up and create the illusion of a spacious bathroom.

Modular bathroom furniture is a staple in many minimalist bathroom sets, have a look at our contemporary Concepts range as it will also help to create a stylish minimalist look whilst still providing you with plenty of storage. Modular furniture is a style of furniture ideal for small bathrooms, and is available as floor standing or wall hung units. Wall hung units provide storage, however they are not full length, therefore you can still make full use of your floor space and as all floor space will be visible it will create the illusion that your bathroom is larger. Slim line toilet units are also a great way of disguising unsightly pipe work and using the area for a stylish piece of furniture whilst also tying in the basin unit with the rest of the bathroom.

If you have transformed your small bathroom, we would love to see your before and after photos, email them to If you are an installer and want to show us your small bathroom transformations why not sign up to Trade Space and we will add them to our inspiration section for homeowners to browse?

Buying a new bathroom

Buying a new bathroom can be a complicated and daunting process for homeowners, as the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house not only by the homeowner but also by visitors, it is also one of the most expensive to renovate, usually beaten only by the kitchen.

So where do you start and how do you get it right?

Whether you’re a homeowner reading this or an installer looking to pass on some helpful information, we can all agree that budget is key. Forget about what you think it might cost or how much a friend or relative has paid for their bathroom and decide; how much do I want to spend? Whether it’s a small budget or a large budget, having a top figure in mind for the total completion of the work is important, as you need to have a clear idea from the start if you want to prevent yourself from feeling short changed at the end of the process. It will also help the installer to provide you with the best service possible, rather than them exploring ideas which are over budget or are not as bespoke or luxurious as you would like. Most importantly, when it comes to budget, allow what you feel comfortable with and don’t be persuaded to spend more than you really want to.

It’s always best to speak to a professional, they’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of bathrooms, it’s their job to help you to achieve the bathroom design you desire and they will help you with the entire process. Also to ensure your bathroom project is being carried out by a reputable installer; visit the ‘find out more’ section of, type in your post code and select from our list of approved installers in your area, you can also search installers work in the inspiration section of our website to get some ideas for your project.

If you’re planning on measuring the bathroom yourself use some graph paper, measure all dimensions and draw the whole bathroom out to scale. Include doors, radiators, waste pipes, other outlets and highlight any accessories in your bathroom which you want to keep, note down all sizes next to the relevant part of your drawing. Within the measuring process, consider what type of flooring and tiles you would like and measure the thickness as this will also help to ensure than your bathroom measurements are correct, some styles of flooring and tiles can be up to 20mm thick, so it’s important to bear this in mind.

Remember bathroom furniture is a fantastic way achieving a stylish and contemporary look as well as being a great storage solution, but don’t forget to check the sizing. To get a feel for how it will work in the room, try cutting a piece of cardboard to the same size as your desired unit, you may find you can fit a larger or different shaped? unit in than you first thought and if you find you don’t have the space, consider a slim line or a modular unit, in order to give yourself more floor space without sacrificing storage. Check out our products page to see our comprehensive range of bathroom furniture.

If you have more helpful suggestions of how to make the bathroom buying process easier or if you have any other handy bathroom hints and tips, we’d love to hear from you, email, we will tweet the best ones and also add them to

Help homeowners to brighten up their bathrooms this Spring with Atlanta bathroom furniture

It’s the time of year when homeowners are making home improvement plans and searching for new ways to brighten up their homes, especially as we can’t rely on the great British weather to do it for us; however with purse strings tightening how can we help homeowners to update their bathroom furniture for less?

The simple answer is that a full bathroom refit is not always needed, suggesting simple and cost effective ways customers can update their bathrooms and fully utilise the available space can help to encourage them to invest in some simple improvements and not be put off by the prospect of a daunting bill at the end of it all; it will also reassure them that they are not being coerced into buying something they don’t need and the word of a reliable, trustworthy installer can travel fast.

So what small improvements can we suggest that will brighten up a bathroom for less?

Well, as a manufacturer it will come as no surprise that we believe a good way to do this is with some carefully selected bathroom furniture. Whether it’s a full fitted bathroom or the installation of a couple of space saving pieces, bathroom furniture is a great way to transform the look for your room.

An Atlanta basin unit offers a great alternative to the traditional pedestal, allowing you to add storage and colour to the room. Please don’t think that furniture is restricted to large rooms, by adding a stylish space saving Breeze basin you can get the most from even the cosiest bathroom. Wall mounted units offer a stylish, contemporary look whilst providing a practical storage solution, floor standing units can help to hide waste pipes and can be installed without worry if there are any concerns over the stability of the wall. Adding a matching WC unit is a great way to tie the basin unit into the bathroom; it too can hide unsightly wastepipes and is a great alternative to knocking into walls to conceal them. Installing a bath panel which matches the new furniture can also help to add more colour.

Small extras such as; new chrome taps, a heated towel rail and a new mirror can also help get a tired bathroom looking fresh once more.

Don’t forget to sign up to Trade Space and upload your spring make over case studies so that we can add them to our inspiration page and encourage more homeowners to contact you!

Calling all bathroom installers

Trade Space is an innovative new service from Atlanta which connects approved bathroom installers with homeowners.

Homeowners visiting the Atlanta website are able to view the installer’s profile and more importantly browse their portfolio.  A case study format has been designed for trade space which allows the installer to share information about the brief, budget, and products used, giving the customer an insight into the whole process of planning and installing the bathroom.

Homeowners can search case studies either by product, room layout or renovation type.  Therefore if the installer has a wide variety of case studies in their portfolio this will provide them with the greatest amount of exposure.

Trade Space connects the installer’s company and its portfolio with thousands of potential customers who typically visit our website looking for ideas and if the installer’s portfolio of work inspires them they are only one click away from contacting them.

Trade Space is complete free to Atlanta account holders or bathroom installers who have been recommended by an Atlanta dealer.

For further information please visit or contact your local Be Modern representative.

50 Shades of White

You walk into a bathroom showroom in any part of the UK and you can take your pick from a cornucopia of white sanitaryware. The UK bath and sanitaryware market is estimated to be worth around £280 million at msp and it must appear to the consumer that you can have white, white or white. This does not mean a return to avocado, honeysuckle or even misty peach is imminent as generally the consumer wants white sanitaryware; however there are still lots of ways to get colour (and differentiation) into a bathroom furniture design.

Clever use of bathroom furniture adds not only a splash of colour into any bathroom; it adds the practical advantage of storage and something as simple as a vanity unit with a matching bath panel, changes the average bathroom into a room to be proud of. Matching the right sanitaryware with the right furniture is paramount to both achieving the right look as well as being easy to install. Sales of products such as in line basins, which require no cut-outs in the countertop, thus saving time and money on the installation of the product, are growing dramatically.

The reality is that sanitaryware is always going to be predominantly white, but as a manufacturer, we will continue to do our best to offer the retailer and the consumer, as many options as possible to add a little colour into their bathroom designs.

For more information, please call 0191 428 0444 or find your local stockist here

Going the extra mile to reveal ranges

If this sleek silver vehicle catches one’s eye on road, it’s not delivering bathroom furniture. It’s bringing fresh ideas to the retailer’s doorstep.

As any retailer knows, choosing a bathroom is very personal, from the door finish, countertop colour, sanitaryware and accessories to apply the finishing touches. They can only be fully appreciated at first hand.

By nature such products are sizeable. Until now, retailers looking for new ideas to keep ahead of the competition had to rely on brochures or to take time away from their premises and customers to see for themselves.

The solution is to take newly launched designs by road to retailers across the country. This showroom on wheels is custom fitted to display the latest additions to the Atlanta product ranges. In the Tardis-like interior they will have space to appreciate a variety of bathroom furniture, sanitaryware and countertops and to see how these elements can be combined beautifully to create beautiful bathrooms.

If any retailer requests the vehicle to support open days so customers can view the range, or any consumer would like to view the collection as soon as it hits their region,  Be Modern will be delighted to book them in.

“This is the latest example of how Be Modern goes the extra mile to help our retailers to experience for themselves the products we’ve developed for their customers,” sums up Mark Hunter, Head of Marketing.