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Choose Slab Or Shaker With Amazing Odessa Oak Bathroom Cabinets

Odessa Fitted Bathroom FurnitureIf you’re after a warm woodgrain finish for your bathroom cabinets, Odessa has a stunning mid oak hue. This finish is a perfect choice for a relaxing and tranquil bathroom space. Odessa can be styled in a number of ways, particularly as it’s available in a slab door, or the shaker style Sofia door. Whichever style you choose, Odessa bathroom cabinets are sure to make a cosy and comfortable bathroom.

Slab bathroom cabinets are often used to create a contemporary look in a room. Slab has been a very on trend style for a while, and the minimalist plain design tends to create a more modern look. Odessa slab doors are no exception to this, and they make a truly stylish bathroom. Give yourself plenty of storage with an attractive run of Odessa slab bathroom cabinets. The traditional style of the woodgrain finish combines with the contemporary slab door to create a unique look.

To go with this contemporary style, try neutral wall colours and a minimalist room styling. In our brochure, we’ve paired Odessa furniture with mauve walls and stylish, quirky lamp shades. Follow this idea by choosing a plain wall colour but adding your own design quirks throughout the room. Finish the whole look off with our routered chrome handles, which have an extremely modern style.

Your other option for Odessa bathroom cabinets is our Sofia shaker style doors. If you’re looking to achieve a more traditional look in your bathroom, this could be the choice for you! Shaker doors can add a new dimension to a bathroom, as it gives the room a bit more depth. The shaker style is reminiscent of more traditional or vintage style bathrooms, which can create a really cosy atmosphere when complemented with the right interior décor.

If you want to stick to the vintage style, try using pastel colours in the room and giving it a really soft style. But shaker doors can also be used to create a modern style bathroom as well. As you can see in our brochure, we’ve paired our Sofia bathroom cabinets with some contemporary gold styling to add some real flair to the room!

Atlanta’s Beautiful Bathroom Countertops

Pescara Detail 2The beauty of a bathroom is often in the finishing touches, and one of the best ways to add this special flair is with an attractive countertop. We have a range of twenty beautiful bathroom countertops for you to choose from. Ranging from gloss to matt to timber, there’s a countertop style for everyone. Here we’ve listed a few of our favourites and how to make them stand out in your bathroom!

White Gloss

White Gloss bathroom countertops will emanate that classic style. If you’ve also chosen White Gloss cabinets, this coordination will create a seamless and timeless look. The great thing about White Gloss is it goes with anything, so it also looks amazing with any of our other finishes, particularly darker ones. Deeper, richer finishes will make the crisp white countertop stand out, really making a statement.

Magma Gloss

Choose Magma Gloss bathroom countertops for a neutral and minimalist style. The hues in this beautiful countertop are subtle but still have a bit of warmth, which creates an inviting atmosphere. Magma Gloss is perfect with White Gloss cabinets for a monochrome colour scheme with a bit of character. It also looks great with some of our lighter timber effect finishes.

Millstone Gloss

This stylish speckled countertop finish looks simple but will provide a variation of colour in your bathroom. It consists of lovely, calming hues of grey and white that are easy to match with several of our cabinet finishes. If you’re looking for bathroom countertops to finish off a tranquil and relaxing environment, Millstone Gloss is the one for you.

Sahara Mica Gloss

For something a little more sparkly and shimmering, try Sahara Mica Gloss bathroom countertops. This playful finish will add pops of colour to your bathroom, which is great if you’ve chosen an all white colour scheme for the rest of the room. The glittering flecks of blues, pinks and purples will add character to the room, whilst keeping it neutral enough so it’s not overwhelming.


Blackstone is classic, bold, and sure to make a statement. Black looks good with anything but this countertop looks particularly good with white furniture. This is because it is dappled with lighter shades, which will be highlighted by some bright white cabinets!

Odessa Oak

Last but not least of our favourite bathroom countertops, is Odessa Oak.  We have five timber effect countertop finishes to choose from, but Odessa Oak is the most timeless and versatile. It looks amazing with matching Odessa cabinets for an all over timber effect style. Alternatively, it also goes well with white furniture or any of the finishes in our Classic range.

We hope this helps you when picking out your bathroom countertops, and gives you an idea of the style you want to achieve.