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Give The Feeling of More Space With Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture

Scale Modular Bathroom FurnitureIn a small bathroom, a great tip for making the room look bigger is using units that are attached to the wall, and down reach full length down to the floor. Wall hung bathroom furniture is a perfect solution to a room that looks small and poky. We have several options for wall hung bathroom furniture in our brochure, in different styles to suit all tastes and needs.

Both our Fitted and Modular ranges have options for wall hung bathroom furniture. The wall units can come mirrored or plain in your chosen finish. These wall units are great for having above a basin or toilet unit. It’s always useful to have storage off the floor, as it keeps things looking tidy and doesn’t take up any more floor space. Wall hung bathroom furniture is especially good for family bathrooms, as it keeps medicines and cleaning products out of reach for little ones. These wall units come in a range of sizes and widths from 175mm to 700mm, to suit all your storage needs!

Our Modular furniture has a few more options for wall hung bathroom furniture, including wall hung basin units. Our contemporary Flux range has a wall hung option of its stylish geometric basin unit, so you can have the glamour of the modern design with a bit more room to spare. Also our Scale range has a suspended basin unit option, and is a slimline unit anyway, so even more space can be conserved. Scale also has a 400mm width square wall unit. These handy little cupboards would look great in a geometric arrangement of three or four on the wall, and free up space on the floor.

The Pure range has four different choices of wall hung basin unit. Choose from doors or drawers for storage that best suits your needs. Each of these units has a depth of 450mm, so even though the storage doesn’t go all the way down to the floor, there’s still plenty of room inside for your things.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Bathroom Storage With Pure Units

Pure Modular Bathroom FurnitureIf you’ve plenty of clutter that needs tidying away, our Pure modular units are great for providing a large amount of bathroom storage. The range of unit types is perfect for tidying things away and keeping the room looking as tidy as possible. This means the bathroom stays a clean and relaxing place to be – as it should be!

The Pure units have a classic style and a simple design. Despite this minimalism, they still create a striking effect in the room. This simple design allows for more complex decoration in the rest of the room – have a look at our brochure for some inspiration! You could try a bold wall colour, or some statement patterned wallpaper, like we’ve done.

Personalise your bathroom storage with Pure’s range of basin units. There are six to choose from in different styles and widths to cater to bathrooms of all sizes. Choose the one which suits you and your bathroom best. If your bathroom is large enough, we recommend a basin unit with a 750mm width. This will provide the optimum amount of bathroom storage, keeping the room looking uncluttered with just one simple and stylish unit. Pure also has wall storage options available, in both a tall and small size, which are both great for family bathrooms. Create your own arrangement to suit your bathroom storage needs.

Pure units are available in seven different finishes! There are four woodgrain finishes, ranging from Light Oak to Mali Oak. Take your pick and design the room décor around your new, warm bathroom storage units. There are also three gloss finishes; White, Graphite Lucido and Cool Grey. Pick one of these monochrome finishes then add splashes of colour to the room in other places.

Finally, pick some accessories that will complement your new Pure bathroom storage units. Try a matching bath panel and a framed mirror to tie the room together. You could even opt for a mirrored wall unit for even more bathroom storage!