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Atlanta’s Lovely Bathroom Lighting

6th October, 2015

Modena Fitted Bathroom FurnitureAs well as beautiful bathroom furniture, we also offer some bathroom lighting options. Bathroom lighting tends to differ from person to person, some prefer a bright, light room that’s good for getting ready in whilst others like a slightly dimmer, cosier environment.

One of the bathroom lighting options we offer is LED lights. Our LED downlighters are a great way of bringing light into a bathroom and we have a range of styles. They’re perfect for placing above a mirror, as this reflects light out into the room and also makes getting ready a lot easier!

The round downlighter is perfect for a cosy, comfortable bathroom, as the circular shape lends a soft appearance to the room. Circles are a great design scheme to have in a bathroom. For a bathroom that caters to kids, circles are reminiscent of bubbles. Or, if you’re going for a more nautical theme, circles are great to dot around as they look like port holes on a ship!

If you’re going for a more contemporary bathroom lighting style, the square downlighter might be the one for you. The geometric shape has a much more modern style. This light would look particularly good with some of our modular furniture, like a Scale or Flux basin unit.

If you need a bit more light in your bathroom, try one of our twin downlighters. These two lights are placed at either end of a rectangular frame. This downlighter has a sleek and stylish design, great for some subtle but sophisticated bathroom lighting.

Another of our bathroom lighting options is our plinth light kit. Add some glamour to your bathroom with this strip of ten LED lights which are positioned in your plinth. The kit includes bulbs, cables and an LED driver – everything you need for some understated elegance in the room!

We also offer mains bathroom lighting for something a little brighter! Try some 10W low voltage lights for a spotlight effect! These lights have a chrome surround to provide even more style! If you’re looking for bathroom lighting that will provide plenty of light without being glaring, these lights are a good choice. You can choose how many you need to suit the size of your bathroom.

Our bathroom lighting options are all totally different and provide varying effects, so you may want to mix and match!