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Introducing Atlanta Editions, Luxury Bathroom Furniture from Atlanta

As a leading British manufacturer of bathroom furniture, Be Modern are delighted to announce the launch of Atlanta Editions, an exquisite collection of luxury bathroom furniture.

Our expert team of designers have considered every detail, in both function and aesthetic, so the range has luxurious features such as glass drawer box sides and internal drawer lighting. The range of finish options are a selection of the most on trend colours and textures available, and the finishes continue inside the cabinet for a seamless look.

Editions furniture is designed and built to the highest standard, and the brochure has broken the range down into easy-to-understand sections, so selecting the best choice is simple.

Featuring fitted, modular and classic styles of bathroom furniture, Editions sits within the popular Atlanta bathrooms brand which has been a market leader for over 20 years and is available in showrooms nationwide.

To download a copy of the Atlanta Editions brochure click here and for more information call 0191 428 0444 or email

Atlanta Editions Luxury Bathroom Furniture

Atlanta Presents The New Truffle Grip

Introducing our Grip handleless bathroom furniture design in a new Truffle finish! Grip’s laid back and ergonomic design is complemented by the relaxing mid oak tones of Truffle. Truffle’s unique woodgrain markings are now available on a more modern style cabinet as well as the traditional slab, for the ideal contemporary bathroom.

This will give more options to those who desire a more streamlined look with handleless bathroom furniture. The Grip model is cleverly designed to eliminate the need for adding on handles, with a simple ridge at the top of the cabinet door instead.


For more information on Truffle Grip, click here to see it in our brochure.

Truffle Grip Fitted Bathroom Furniture

Give The Feeling of More Space With Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture

Scale Modular Bathroom FurnitureIn a small bathroom, a great tip for making the room look bigger is using units that are attached to the wall, and down reach full length down to the floor. Wall hung bathroom furniture is a perfect solution to a room that looks small and poky. We have several options for wall hung bathroom furniture in our brochure, in different styles to suit all tastes and needs.

Both our Fitted and Modular ranges have options for wall hung bathroom furniture. The wall units can come mirrored or plain in your chosen finish. These wall units are great for having above a basin or toilet unit. It’s always useful to have storage off the floor, as it keeps things looking tidy and doesn’t take up any more floor space. Wall hung bathroom furniture is especially good for family bathrooms, as it keeps medicines and cleaning products out of reach for little ones. These wall units come in a range of sizes and widths from 175mm to 700mm, to suit all your storage needs!

Our Modular furniture has a few more options for wall hung bathroom furniture, including wall hung basin units. Our contemporary Flux range has a wall hung option of its stylish geometric basin unit, so you can have the glamour of the modern design with a bit more room to spare. Also our Scale range has a suspended basin unit option, and is a slimline unit anyway, so even more space can be conserved. Scale also has a 400mm width square wall unit. These handy little cupboards would look great in a geometric arrangement of three or four on the wall, and free up space on the floor.

The Pure range has four different choices of wall hung basin unit. Choose from doors or drawers for storage that best suits your needs. Each of these units has a depth of 450mm, so even though the storage doesn’t go all the way down to the floor, there’s still plenty of room inside for your things.

Choose Slab Or Shaker With Amazing Odessa Oak Bathroom Cabinets

Odessa Fitted Bathroom FurnitureIf you’re after a warm woodgrain finish for your bathroom cabinets, Odessa has a stunning mid oak hue. This finish is a perfect choice for a relaxing and tranquil bathroom space. Odessa can be styled in a number of ways, particularly as it’s available in a slab door, or the shaker style Sofia door. Whichever style you choose, Odessa bathroom cabinets are sure to make a cosy and comfortable bathroom.

Slab bathroom cabinets are often used to create a contemporary look in a room. Slab has been a very on trend style for a while, and the minimalist plain design tends to create a more modern look. Odessa slab doors are no exception to this, and they make a truly stylish bathroom. Give yourself plenty of storage with an attractive run of Odessa slab bathroom cabinets. The traditional style of the woodgrain finish combines with the contemporary slab door to create a unique look.

To go with this contemporary style, try neutral wall colours and a minimalist room styling. In our brochure, we’ve paired Odessa furniture with mauve walls and stylish, quirky lamp shades. Follow this idea by choosing a plain wall colour but adding your own design quirks throughout the room. Finish the whole look off with our routered chrome handles, which have an extremely modern style.

Your other option for Odessa bathroom cabinets is our Sofia shaker style doors. If you’re looking to achieve a more traditional look in your bathroom, this could be the choice for you! Shaker doors can add a new dimension to a bathroom, as it gives the room a bit more depth. The shaker style is reminiscent of more traditional or vintage style bathrooms, which can create a really cosy atmosphere when complemented with the right interior décor.

If you want to stick to the vintage style, try using pastel colours in the room and giving it a really soft style. But shaker doors can also be used to create a modern style bathroom as well. As you can see in our brochure, we’ve paired our Sofia bathroom cabinets with some contemporary gold styling to add some real flair to the room!

Give Yourself Plenty Of Bathroom Storage With Pure Units

Pure Modular Bathroom FurnitureIf you’ve plenty of clutter that needs tidying away, our Pure modular units are great for providing a large amount of bathroom storage. The range of unit types is perfect for tidying things away and keeping the room looking as tidy as possible. This means the bathroom stays a clean and relaxing place to be – as it should be!

The Pure units have a classic style and a simple design. Despite this minimalism, they still create a striking effect in the room. This simple design allows for more complex decoration in the rest of the room – have a look at our brochure for some inspiration! You could try a bold wall colour, or some statement patterned wallpaper, like we’ve done.

Personalise your bathroom storage with Pure’s range of basin units. There are six to choose from in different styles and widths to cater to bathrooms of all sizes. Choose the one which suits you and your bathroom best. If your bathroom is large enough, we recommend a basin unit with a 750mm width. This will provide the optimum amount of bathroom storage, keeping the room looking uncluttered with just one simple and stylish unit. Pure also has wall storage options available, in both a tall and small size, which are both great for family bathrooms. Create your own arrangement to suit your bathroom storage needs.

Pure units are available in seven different finishes! There are four woodgrain finishes, ranging from Light Oak to Mali Oak. Take your pick and design the room décor around your new, warm bathroom storage units. There are also three gloss finishes; White, Graphite Lucido and Cool Grey. Pick one of these monochrome finishes then add splashes of colour to the room in other places.

Finally, pick some accessories that will complement your new Pure bathroom storage units. Try a matching bath panel and a framed mirror to tie the room together. You could even opt for a mirrored wall unit for even more bathroom storage!

Try A Bench Basin For A Modern Look

Linear Detail 1When designing a bathroom with a contemporary style, the finishing touches are important. Everything must co-ordinate to create a smooth, modern look. The basin can make a big difference in a new bathroom, especially if you’re going for a specific theme. A bench basin is a good option for a bathroom revamp, as it provides a clean, neat look. If you select our Linear modular furniture for your new bathroom, we offer eight stunning bench basins to go with it. Here are a few of our favourites!

Eclipse – The Eclipse basin has a wide shape, which is reminiscent of a beautiful large sea shell. This wide basin will provide a luxurious area for washing. Eclipse is perfect for the Linear 800mm wide basin units, to achieve a totally indulgent style! This bench basin fits in well with a spa-like bathroom style that will have an utterly relaxing atmosphere.

Rhomba – The Rhomba bench basin is a deeper and hence more lavish washing station! The Rhomba looks great when duplicated, if you’ve got the space for twin Linear basin units, just like we’ve done in our brochure, to create an ultra-luxurious bathroom. The rounded rectangular shape of this bench basin makes it a good fit for futuristic, geometrically styled bathrooms.

Lyra – Our Lyra bench basin has a rectangular shape and is a good spacious size. Bench basins are often dismissed as not functional enough because they’re too small, but they can often provide more space than some of the semi-recessed basins. This bench basin is perfect for an industrial chic style bathroom. The basic shape will fit in with the simplicity of that style.

Roma – For a totally different style, try the Roma bench basin which is a smaller, round basin. The Roma is great for cloakrooms or en-suites where space is a bit more limited, and the basin unit is the focus of the room. This basin looks good in a chic, soft-looking interior design style. The round bench basin is very on trend at moment, so it’s ideal for a bathroom makeover!

Create A Contemporary Bathroom With Flux Units

Flux Modular BathroomsWhen updating a bathroom, it’s nice to create a brand new, clean look. You’ll want your new bathroom to look totally on trend and of the moment. To create a contemporary bathroom, we can’t think of a better choice of unit than our Flux modular furniture. Flux’s modern design is perfect for refreshing a bathroom and breathing new life into the space.

Flux has a geometric design, with straight lines meeting and overlapping to create triangular shapes and patterns. This theme is perfect for a contemporary bathroom, so why not carry it on? Try geometric tiling on the floor, or an interesting arrangement of shelves on the walls. The sloping, triangular basin of Flux has a stylish minimalist design perfect for this theme. Choose a corresponding tap that will be the best match. We recommend our Quad or Fall taps, which will carry on the straight line motif.

The stunning crisp White Gloss finish on Flux’s doors, plus their push to open design combine to make Flux perfect for a contemporary bathroom. Match this with Truffle, Dune or Mali Oak for the luxurious interior. Take your pick to match the colour scheme of your new contemporary bathroom. Flux looks great in a minimalist style room, as the units themselves make quite a statement, so little further accessorising is needed. We think white is the best room colour to match it with, but inject some colour into the room with a tiled section on one wall.

One of the best things about our Flux units is their affordability. You can create the bathroom of your dreams on a budget. Prices start as low as £258 for the WC unit, and only £325 for a wall hung basin unit. This leaves more money in your budget for elsewhere, or for extra accessories and decoration in the bathroom.

The floor standing or wall hung option of Flux means it is ideal for bathrooms of all sizes. If you’re blessed with a big bathroom, you’ll be able to spare the floor space for a full length unit. If it’s just an en-suite or smaller bathroom you’re redoing, the wall hung basin unit is ideal!

How To Create An Industrial Style Bathroom

Edge Modular Bathroom FurnitureThe trend for an industrial style bathroom in the home has been present for a few years now and is still going strong. Perhaps because the bathroom is already a place of plumbing and mechanisms, people are choosing to embrace this and exhibit it instead of hiding it. There are many ways to achieve an industrial style bathroom and a few different styles of the industrial theme.

Let’s start with your walls. The most sought after industrial look is the exposed brick wall. This gives the room a stylishly exposed look, but the balmy, terracotta colour of the bricks can bring a lot of warmth to the room. For a crisp minimalist look try painting your brick wall white. This look is incredibly on trend and goes great with black accessories.

One of the main materials used in an industrial style bathroom is copper. Exposed copper piping just gives that edgy finishing touch. Try and find a towel radiator where you can see the copper piping, like we’ve used in our brochure with our stunning Edge modular furniture.

When it comes to choosing sanitaryware, the simpler the better. Try our Faro WC and basin, which have an understated curved design. Alternatively, one of our bench basins on a deep countertop would fit in perfectly with the industrial style. We recommend the Lyra basin, which has a robust, rectangular shape.

If you choose to furnish your new industrial style bathroom with some of our fitted units, any of our black bar handles are a must. They come in a chrome or matt option, and with long and short sizes to complement doors and drawers. These will top off the look perfectly, and really fit in with an industrial style.

If you’re more interested in modular furniture, our Edge or Rise units are both simple, stylish, and perfect for a traditional looking bathroom. Look at how we’ve styled them in our brochure for some industrial inspiration!

Come To Atlanta For Luxury Bathroom Furniture

Mocha Fitted Bathroom FurnitureIf you’re looking for some luxury bathroom furniture to bring an indulgent quality to your bathroom, come to Atlanta! Our wide range of furniture styles and finishes means there’s something for everyone, and we offer several luxurious options! Here are a few finishes and styles which we think could lend a truly opulent style to your bathroom!

Lucia – This high gloss finish has a lustrous shine which will make your bathroom look impressive and grand! This luxury bathroom furniture is in keeping with the classic white bathroom colour scheme, but the reflective surface brings it into the present. Choose an indulgent colour for your walls – something bright or deep to contrast the crisp white Lucia.

Novara – The Anthracite gloss doors of Novara create a deluxe room! The duo tone edge profile adds that extra something special. Brighten up this luxury bathroom furniture with light coloured walls or some glamorous lighting such as downlighters or a plinth light kit.

Mocha – This finish is appropriately named! The deep chocolatey tones will really warm the room up. Combine it with ivory wall and floor colours for a coffee and cream colour scheme!

Truffle – The warm mid oak tones of this luxury bathroom furniture will create total relaxation. The unique markings of the woodgrain finish are perfect for an individual bathroom with some serious chilled out style.

Banbury – The matt shaker doors of Banbury have a contemporary style with a classic twist. Banbury is ideal for a luxurious modern bathroom, which has a tiny throwback to a more traditional look.

Rise – We also offer luxury bathroom furniture in a modular style, such as our Rise units. The greater depth of 460mm allows for ultimate washing space in the basin, and plenty of storage in the deep drawers. Combine this with the sleek, handleless design and you’ve got a luxurious bathroom!

Linear – These units have a sleek and streamlined design. Create a monochrome colour scheme with white units and black countertops for a classic luxurious look!

Form: The Perfect Compact Bathroom Furniture

Form Modular Bathroom FurnitureIf you’re looking to make over a cloakroom or en-suite, or even just a small bathroom, it can often be hard to find storage units that fit with some space to spare. Our Form range of modular units is compact bathroom furniture with style. This range is perfect for saving space in smaller rooms, and still providing a bit of interior design flair!

The Form basin unit has a depth of only 225mm. This means it doesn’t project out into the room too much, or take up too much space – it sits snugly along the wall. Often some compact bathroom furniture can be inconvenient when it comes to use, but despite Form’s slimline depth, the basin provides a comfortable and convenient washing station. The WC unit has a 250mm depth, but if you’re accommodating for a very small room, a close coupled toilet is a space saving and stylish option.

Form’s basin unit comes in both a floor standing and a wall hung option – the choice is yours. The floor standing unit provides more internal storage, but the wall hung unit will provide more floor space, making the room spear bigger. Choose which ever one fits the needs and measurements of your bathroom.

This compact bathroom furniture is available in four woodgrain finishes and three gloss finishes. We think just because a bathroom is small, it doesn’t mean it can’t be attractive so we’re giving you a wide range of choices in finishes to allow for a wider range of colour schemes and design ideas for you. Compact bathroom furniture shouldn’t have to be limited in style.

One of Form’s best features is its wall hung storage units. These compact little units are perfect for out of the way storage that looks great. Wall units are ideal in a room that is lacking floor space. Try mounting a few in a geometric design, so your furniture becomes your decoration.

Form’s whole look is neat and streamlined, right down to the simple bar handles on the units, and the matching tall linear mirror. Form is compact bathroom furniture that doesn’t compromise on looks.