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Bring the spa home with you…

14th May, 2018
A few simple steps to have that spa break in your own home…

We all love relaxing at the spa, but why not indulge in that luxury at home. Create your own sanctuary to relax and unwind in after a long day or just treat yourself to some you time.

Start with your basin

Create an elegant space for your Basin, our Linear Modular unit is perfect for this. The suspended Basin Unit creates a spacious feel to the room. Place one of our beautiful Bench Basins on to complete the look.

Why not put 2 Linear basin units side by side with a single worktop over both to create a double feature. Placing matching sinks on either side will create a stunning twin feature and give that spacious look.

Bring some life to your bathroom

Pinterest has some inspirational styles and ideas to bring out your interior designer.

Succulents are very on trend this season. Create that natural feel you get in a spa get some life in your bathroom, place succulents such as Aloe Vera in the room. This will add to the tranquility of your space. Even if you are short of space something as simple as a hanging plant could bring some life to the room and create an invigorating and tranquil feel to your bathroom. Don’t let space be an object.

Set the mood with the right lighting

Getting the lighting right in your spa bathroom is crucial, you want to create a calming atmosphere but the space to still be bright enough to soak in the bath and enjoy a good read.

Introducing some candles to the room can create a warming tone also picking your favourite scent will help you to relax, Lavender is perfect to unwind or Vanilla for a clean simple smell.

Keep on trend by adding in some Edison Bulbs, not only are these stylish but they can be subtle on the amount of light which will help create a cosy atmosphere.

Create a feature space with open shelves

Create a feature space in your furniture run, adding in an open shelf unit. Roll some towels and stack them or place your toiletries in jars to store them neatly, not only does this create a tidy organised look but it will create a feature space in your furniture.

Add some glass shelving and decorate anyway you want to add detail and finishing touches to the room.

Space to unwind

What Spa bathroom would be complete without a bath? The bath is the best place to unwind and to relax. Make sure your bath is as a stunning as the rest of your bathroom, use bath panels that match your furniture for a flawless and complete look.

For a finishing touch add one of our beautiful bath fillers for a classic look Matfen is ideal and for a more on-trend contemporary finish the Fall Bath Filler is perfect, its modern design will look stunning in your tranquil spa bathroom.

Bring the spa look home and relax in luxurious style.