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Create the perfect bathroom with brand new colours

10th July, 2018
We have updated our gloss range to include two striking new finishes Cashmere Gloss and Light Grey Gloss.
Get our brand new Cashmere Gloss furniture and create a warm inviting bathroom.

We have recently added the striking Cashmere Gloss to our fitted furniture range. It is warm and inviting, creating a cosy atmosphere which makes you feel right at home.

The Grip Cashmere Gloss is idea for a modern; on trend bathroom it will enhance any space. The subtle tone adds a touch of warmth and the simplicity of the Grip design showcases the colour beautifully. Available in both slimline and standard depths, this colour can bring a cosy feel to a bathroom of any size.

Why not add a large feature mirror to help create a contemporary bathroom look?

Partner the Grip design with a Breeze Basin for a sleek and modern bathroom it is ideal for creating that simple, minimalist look. Adding a flush plate to the WC Unit will create a contemporary aesthetic.

Add a feature wall, such as a woodgrain to bring a natural feel to any bathroom. Get a touch of green by adding a plant this is the perfect way to bring some life to the space and finish the bathroom.

TOP TIP: Our beautiful, brand new Boston Concrete Laminate Countertop goes perfectly with Cashmere Gloss; they complement the tones of one another perfectly creating a subtle contrast.

Cashmere Gloss is simply a stunning colour creating a warm feel. Also available in Slab door the stylish design will bring life to your bathroom; the calming tone of this finish will transform your bathroom into a cosy and relaxing retreat.


Create a cool inviting bathroom with our new Light Grey Gloss

We have added Light Grey Gloss furniture to our fitted range, it is bright and cool. Light Grey Gloss is cool, clean bathroom that creates a relaxing, spa like atmosphere perfect for a contemporary home.

Light Grey Gloss is a stunning finish choice. It works so well with almost all room colours and is a perfect choice if you want to add wall units to your room, whilst still maintaining a spacious look and feel.

Partner some dark grey tiles on the same wall to create contrast and focus attention on the stunning colour of the furniture. The Light Grey Gloss also partners beautifully with mirrored wall units as they blend creating a seamless transition.

TOP TIP: Complimenting the light grey with a vivid colour such as mustard will create a stunning contrast and feature within your bathroom.

For an extra modern look why not include one of our minimalist and stylish flush plates which are extremely on-trend.

Light Grey Gloss is a simple, bright colour and is a perfect choice for any bathroom. It creates a clean bathroom that is a perfect canvas to decorate anyway you want.