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Help homeowners to brighten up their bathrooms this Spring with Atlanta bathroom furniture

1st May, 2013

It’s the time of year when homeowners are making home improvement plans and searching for new ways to brighten up their homes, especially as we can’t rely on the great British weather to do it for us; however with purse strings tightening how can we help homeowners to update their bathroom furniture for less?

The simple answer is that a full bathroom refit is not always needed, suggesting simple and cost effective ways customers can update their bathrooms and fully utilise the available space can help to encourage them to invest in some simple improvements and not be put off by the prospect of a daunting bill at the end of it all; it will also reassure them that they are not being coerced into buying something they don’t need and the word of a reliable, trustworthy installer can travel fast.

So what small improvements can we suggest that will brighten up a bathroom for less?

Well, as a manufacturer it will come as no surprise that we believe a good way to do this is with some carefully selected bathroom furniture. Whether it’s a full fitted bathroom or the installation of a couple of space saving pieces, bathroom furniture is a great way to transform the look for your room.

An Atlanta basin unit offers a great alternative to the traditional pedestal, allowing you to add storage and colour to the room. Please don’t think that furniture is restricted to large rooms, by adding a stylish space saving Breeze basin you can get the most from even the cosiest bathroom. Wall mounted units offer a stylish, contemporary look whilst providing a practical storage solution, floor standing units can help to hide waste pipes and can be installed without worry if there are any concerns over the stability of the wall. Adding a matching WC unit is a great way to tie the basin unit into the bathroom; it too can hide unsightly wastepipes and is a great alternative to knocking into walls to conceal them. Installing a bath panel which matches the new furniture can also help to add more colour.

Small extras such as; new chrome taps, a heated towel rail and a new mirror can also help get a tired bathroom looking fresh once more.

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