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Use Atlanta Bathroom Furniture For Storage and Saving Space

6th May, 2015

Bianco bathroom furnitureSo much has to fit in a bathroom, yet it can often be smaller than some bedrooms in the house. This is why saving space is so vital in the bathroom, and it is important to make the most of it. Ultimate space can be achieved with a combination of well-placed bathroom furniture and some handy de-cluttering tips!

Whether you have a small bathroom, or a just have a big family to fit in one, you’ll always want to make the most of your space. Atlanta bathroom furniture has many units and accessories that can optimize space and avoid clutter. For example, try an open base unit. This can hold anything from toiletries to towels, and the open shelves create an airy, more spacious feel. Another great space-saving technique is our toilet roll base unit. This conveniently stows away your toilet roll dispenser, so it is only visible or accessible when necessary.

Another way Atlanta bathroom furniture can help you save space is with our slimline range. This has the same shapes and finishings but in a slimmer depth. This maximises on space in your bathroom, and provides a neater and compact bathroom surface. The smaller size doesn’t dim down the elegance or style of the furniture, and it still provides a stunning touch to a bathroom.

There are also a few handy hacks you can do that give the illusion of more space, and de-clutter your bathroom. For example, try a more compact WC unit. Our Faro back to wall toilet has a minimalist style and takes up minimal space. Another useful tip is to have a mirror above the sink, preferably as central as possible. This gives the impression of a spacious and airy room, even more so when teamed with one of our top fix picture lights. Try our mirror-backed glass shelves for more light reflection, and a handy storage space for toiletries or medicines.

As well as our stylish and convenient bathroom furniture, there are some other simple things that can be done to de-clutter a bathroom. For example, a large wicker basket or two is great for clean and used towels, and gives a rustic look. Or if you’re putting your towels on shelves, try rolling them instead of folding them, as this creates more space. Combine handy hacks like this with some stunning Atlanta bathroom furniture, and you’ll be making the most of the space in your bathroom.